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by Randall Nozick

As I sit here in the relative calm of my bunker, I do not envy the people who will vote (or abstain) in the Roy Moore election in the great state of Alabama tomorrow. I call it the “Roy Moore election” because, frankly, he’s the only real person on the ballot. His opponent, um, whatever his name is, could be anybody willing to do exactly what the Democrat Party Whip dictates. The people of Alabama are going to lose no matter how they vote. To a large extent, all the people of the entire United States are going to lose with them.

The reason for this has nothing to do with the winner. This is not a commentary on Roy Moore’s alleged misconduct, the blatant use of racist vote pandering by his opponent, or the political alliances of either candidate. This is a much deeper state of brokenness in our country’s democratic process. The disturbing outcome of this election will be at least half the population will not accept the result as valid AGAIN.

When applying the same algorithms I used to predict Trump’s victory in 2016, to the polling data in Alabama, Moore comes out as the winner. We’ll know tomorrow for sure. If he does indeed win, it does not require much of a predictive algorithm to know there will be calls of election fraud. After all, how could a sexual predator win an election if there was not some external force applied? Perhaps we will hear how Russia colluded with Moore to inject social networking sway on his behalf. Whatever the mainstream media’s talking points, Democrats will not accept him as the valid holder of his office.

Or, if my algorithms are wrong this time and, um, that other guy, whatever his name is, wins, the conservatives will consider the “Soros effect”. The effects of outside forces moving in on conservative positions were once only understood by those of us who enjoy the look and feel of our tinfoil hats. After so much proof of wrongdoing has come out in the effort to Drain the Swamp, too much has been proven beyond doubt for the “evil outside force” to be constrained to the conspiracy-minded. Republicans will not accept that other guy as the valid holder of his office.

On the surface, failure to accept does not make much difference. The person elected will receive the position and the powers of the office. Under the surface is where the trouble lurks. About half of the voting public in Alabama¬†and America at large will feel cheated after tomorrow. How many times can this scenario play out before there is a critical mass? I don’t want to find out, but I predict we will within our lifetimes.

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  1. Moore will win. The Senate will accept the will of Alabama. Order will prevail. The tax package will pass, and everyone will benefit. Misconduct allegations will disappear. A blip on the screen.

  2. The Verdict is in. Smear works. Slander wins. If you slime your opponent and spends enough money, it will get you there. Without a doubt, the Winning Formula appears to have been: smear, slander and slime. The Media Maelstrom around this election created the Perfect Storm against Judge Roy Moore. Not just the Main Stream Media, but also Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel and other Water Carriers for the Democratic Left were able to hang an Albatross around the neck of Judge Moore and he could not shake it loose. They labeled him “Child Molester”, and it stuck. It appears that the Left has a new strategy. Labeling someone a Racist does not work as well as it did. The new tactic is to label them a Sexist, or Child Molester, or Sexual Predator. That seems to work. And we can look forward to more of it. Every Republican running for any State-wide of National Office will have to be squeeky clean going back 40 years or more, or Opposition Researchers will scour your past and come up with someone who will be more than happy to heap dirt on your character for 30 Pieces of Silver. As I understand it, the Term for this Senate Seat is only 2 years. Then another election will be held to find a replacement for Jeff Session. Well, fasten your seat-belts. Look out below. Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead. Batten down the hatches. We are in for rough weather in the next 4, 8, and 16 years. That is my prediction for the Donald Trump and the Ivanka Trump Dynasties to run their course in American Presidential Politics. We will live in Interesting Times, as the Chinese Proverb terms it. God Help Us, and God Bless America.

    • It is disappointing. I see a guy got caught on camera at the victory party saying they “came from all over the country to vote”. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that coming.

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