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By Linda L Barton

By all appearances, it seems as though the Democrat Party is in complete shambles. However, judging from the recent contests in Virginia and New Jersey, unfortunately, they’re not out of the game.  The Liberal Main Stream Media or LMSM are gleefully pronouncing the death of the Trump era in their daily headlines. They have stated the two governorships in those states having been won by Democrats were merely a sign of what was to come in the 2018 midterm elections.  What’s amusing is these same media fools also proclaimed it was a given Hillary Clinton would win the White House less than two weeks before the election because millions of Patriots proved them wrong.

While the LMSM is out there doing their best to fuel a feeding frenzy with their voter base by chanting the all-important win in Virginia as the victory they’ve been waiting for, they have neglected a few key points.  The first is Ed Gillespie was a Bushie and, if memory serves correctly, and secondly in Alabama, another Bushie lost to Roy Moore.  It’s funny how those facts seem to have become irrelevant in their reports.  In all honesty, losing those seats were a slap at the Establishment Elites or RINOs in the GOP, not President Trump. Even Gillespie tried a last-minute jump on the Trump Train which was too late to save him from defeat.

Regardless of the fact, a Democrat win in Virginia is no surprise. After all, Virginia is a haven for the uber-left, meaning a victory by a far-left candidate isn’t anything to celebrate. Now, as to Alabama, that’s a whole different story. Whether you believe Judge Roy Moore is guilty or innocent, for a Republican candidate to face such charges be they real or false would surely be the destruction of their election prospects.

So, my Patriot friends, where does this leave us? We came out by the millions in 2016 to elect Donald Trump as our President. We wanted someone in the White House who put America First and wanted us to be that Shining City on a Hill once again. However, he cannot do it alone. We cannot sit on the sidelines now and think we’ve done our part. NO, we have only begun this war against the Progressives who want to drag this great nation into the New World Order. A dark and dreary form of government where we will no longer be a sovereign nation with our God-given rights of life and freedom.

If we do not continue to fight by electing those who will work WITH President Trump, then everything we did to get him elected will be for naught. Don’t think it’s time to relax, for the enemy is ready to destroy all the good things President Trump has done this first full year. Also, if given the opportunity, they will waste no time impeaching him and removing him from office.

I don’t believe that’s something you want to happen, correct? Here is a list of 24 Pro-Trump candidates running in 2018. We hope to add more as time goes by. Check for those from your states and offer them help in their campaign efforts.

Michael Snyder, House, Idaho: https://www.michaelsnyderforcongress.com/
Judge Roy Moore, Senate, Alabama: https://www.roymoore.org/
Dr. Kelli Ward, Senate, Arizona: https://www.kelliward.com/
Omar Navarro, House, California: https://www.omarnavarro.com/
Geoff Diehl, Senate, Massachusetts: https://diehlforsenate.com/
Paul Nehlen, House, Wisconsin: http://www.electnehlen.com/
Danny Tarkanian, Senate, Nevada: https://www.dannytarkanian.com/
Justin Fareed, House, California: http://justinfareed.com/
Tom Campbell, Senate, North Dakota: https://tomfornorthdakota.com/
Mike Gibbons, Senate, Ohio: https://www.gibbonsforohio.com/
Marsha Blackburn, Senate, Tennessee: https://www.marshablackburn.com/
Christina Hagan, House, Ohio: http://christinahagan.com/
Barry Moore, House, Alabama: https://www.barrymooreforcongress.com/
Aja Smith, House, California: https://www.ajaforcongress.com/
Corey Stewart, Senate, Virginia: http://www.coreystewart.com/
Kevin Cavanaugh, House, Arizona: http://www.cavanaughforcongress.com/
Dave Giles, House, Arizona: http://www.davegilesforcongress.com/
Patrick Morrisey, Senate, West Virginia: https://patrickmorrisey.com/
Carla Spalding, House, Florida: https://www.spaldingforcongress.com/
John Schiess, Senate, Wisconsin: http://www.afact.us/
Joe Billie, House, Pennsylvania: http://joebillieforcongress.com/
Robert Kuniegel, House, Pennsylvania: http://congresspa.com/
Katie Arrington, House, South Carolina: https://www.votekatiearrington.com/
Greg Pence, House, Indiana (Mike Pence’s brother – no website yet)

So, my fellow Patriots, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work. Starting in 2018, the America First Coalition will go to work getting strong conservatives elected to office at ALL levels of government, and we will need YOUR help. Stay alert for announcements on how you can join this important movement. We must elect those who will continue to help President Trump Make America Great Again. Our futures depend on it. Learn more and get involved here==> Join The Movement

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  1. I agree with you Linda, we need to dump all of the RINOs and replace them with Tea Party candidates. The RINOs are certainly a large part of the garbage in the Swamp but President Trump needs our support to Dump the Trash.

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