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by Ruth Riddle:

In the schoolyard of people’s youth, the taunt was, “Takes one to know one.” For example, if the charge lobbed at a schoolmate was, “bully,” the accuser, too, must be a bully. As adults, it becomes clear that allegations against someone do not necessarily reflect on the accuser, although ulterior motives may be involved.

Dirty pot and kettle sex politics is the game, and it has been played throughout the history of the United States of America. Even one of our Founding Fathers, Hamilton, was embroiled in a sex scandal. And this game did not originate here. British politicians and monarchs have been steeped in sexual scandals for centuries.

When a woman alleges sexual misconduct against a man, people do not think she is also guilty of sexual misconduct. People think either she is lying or he is lying, with the tendency to give more credence to her than him. In our system of justice, such allegations may be prosecuted, if the prosecutors determine there is sufficient evidence of a crime.

In the political arena, these allegations surface in the media, without the involvement of the judicial system. Politicians leverage allegations to their political advantage to destroy the opposition. If the allegations are made during an election period, the accuser is deemed credible by the opposition party of the accused, who is roundly condemned for immoral behavior.

And the allegations – decades old — are flying these days. Based on the media reports, the politicians have assumed the roles of either prosecutors or defense counsel, and the public renders verdicts at the ballot box.

Recent allegations of sexual misconduct by Representative Conyers (D-MI) and Senator Franken (D-MN) and Candidate Judge Roy Moore (R-AL) have been resolved by the House and Senate and by the electorate. Conyers and Franken resigned under pressure by colleagues. Moore was defeated by voters who chose to write in another name. True justice in a court of law has not occurred.

On December 13, 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, under oath before the House Judiciary Committee, stated, “With regard to any allegations [related to sexual misconduct by Donald Trump prior to his election], I would invite you to submit the evidence and the department will review it, if you believe there is a federal crime.” He also stated that any individual could file complaints of federal crimes with the DOJ.

Ponder this: Sex is life. If anyone gets out of this life without a bit of sexual misconduct, he or she is an exception. To use this human foible as a political weapon is reflective of the accuser’s own failings. Back to the schoolyard – it takes one to know one. The correct recourse, if a true innocent has been harmed by another, is the timely filing of a claim in a court of law, which ensures the accused can face his accuser and mount a proper legal defense.
Sadly, the pots and kettles prefer to sling mud in the media.

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