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A Reporter in a crowded room inside the White House asked President Trump if it’s ‘safe or appropriate’ for him to hold campaign rallies because of the coronavirus


Can the liberal bias Trump-Hate media be any more transparent or idiotic with their TDS stupidity?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained as much as 432 points to session highs early Monday, but there are still warnings about the coronavirus coming from government officials.

President Donald Trump meeting with President of the Republic of Colombia Ivan Duque Marquez in the Oval Office of the White House on Monday.

When they sat down to field questions, and with the coronavirus on the American public’s mind, President Trump took some questions on the topic.

But with their stock market questions having gone kaput, reporters needed to reach deep into their bag of idiotic TDS questions to ask the President.

And this was one of them:

Does anyone care to wager that within a week, we will start seeing stories about how someone was infected with Coronavirus at a Trump rally?

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