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Rep. Dan Crenshaw wrote a climate change op-ed that so upset some conservative websites that they are now calling him a RINO climate change cuck.

One of the advantages of being older than dirt is having heard first hand all the Climate Change crazies spewing their ‘Doom-n-Gloom’ for the past 50-years.

Growing up outside of NYC where the first big ‘Earth Day’ rally took place.

I can tell you, as a child, their over the top ‘We’re Doomed!” fearmongering had me scared to death. 

Of course, at that time I was scared of freezing to death as those evil American capitalists turned Earth into one big giant snow globe.

But after reading how NYC should spend Billions of dollars on building air scrubbers to reduce the amount of smog, BTW that was a true proposal, some like myself caught on to the Climate Change hyperbole.

Over the years, I’ve heard it all, from the 1970s ‘We’re All going to Starve To Death,” to the 1980s “We’re going to be burnt alive, either from acid rain, or the sun’s radiation coming through the ever-expanding ozone hole,” to the 1990’s “half the world will be underwater by the year 2000“.

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So when the second era of ‘doom-n-gloom’ Climate Change crazies like Al Gore ran off half-cocked in the late early 2000s. I was already numb to their ‘We’re All Gonna Die” proclamations.

But, while I’m what the left would label a “Climate Denier,” the one thing I have always maintained is ‘While I don’t believe a single word these climate change crazies spew, what’s wrong with tidying up our magnificent little blue jewel?’

This is what Rep. Dan Crenshaw in essence proposed in his National Review op-ed that ruffled many Conservative websites feathers. 

These right-wing sites are so outraged over Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s proposed “New Energy Frontier” they’re now screaming ‘Crenshaw is the RINO Republicans equivalent to AOC and her moronic farting cow killing Green New Deal’.

Umm, No!

Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s National Review Op-Ed did not embrace the Climate Change dark side that transformed him into the Republican Darth Vader.

In fact, in the very first sentence of Dan Crenshaw’s op-ed he writes:

My proposal resists the flawed reasoning of the radical Left while embracing market-based solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

Of course, this leads me to assume, that those Conservative websites screaming McCain 2.0RINO Climate Change Crenshaw, and “This guy is supposed to be a conservative?

Never made it past Dan Crenshaw’s It’s Time for Conservatives to Own the Climate-Change Issue headline.

What’s so interesting about these conservative ‘hair on fire’ websites blasting Rep. Dan Crenshaw for his climate change blasphemy, is the fact, that they don’t actually write what they’re outraged about?

A few sites stated that the Texas Congressman “wants more bureaucracy to be put in place in order to facilitate his big government solution.”

Umm No, Dan Crenshaw Did Not!

Dan Crenshaw’s Big Government Takeover…NOT!

Rep. Dan Crenshaw didn’t propose a government takeover, as evidenced by his specifically pointing out a company already doing business:

My portion of the plan — called the New Energy Frontier — focuses specifically on carbon capture, a field in which there is already promising innovation. For instance, the company NET Power, located near my district in Houston, has developed a natural-gas electricity plant that has the capacity to power 5,000 homes, while capturing and recirculating CO2 back through the plant via an innovative thermodynamic cycle. As a result, the system produces zero net emissions.

Crenshaw never even hinted that the government will replace NET Power.

What he did propose was getting government more involved in helping companies such as NET Power to further develop their already existing technology.

What Rep. Dan Crenshaw plan does call for is the Government helping expand on existing technology to make it bigger and better and then export it for money, and/or political gain to other countries.

So while The United States gets credit for “Saving the Planet.” America will also be creating NEW jobs. Creating a NEW tax revenue stream. And using this NEW technology as a bargaining chip to help further America’s interest worldwide.

Could you imagine if President Trump had this technology to offer during his trade negotiations with China, whose country is perpetually covered in a layer of smog?

Crenshaw also rightly points out that another problem that if you live long enough you would easily see, is the liberals’ unquenchable thirst for always wanting more.

Crenshaw wrote in his Op-ed:

There is an interesting political tactic often employed by the Left, and it follows a predictable pattern. 

          1. First, identify a problem most of us can agree on. 
          2. Elevate the problem to a crisis. 
          3. Propose an extreme solution to said crisis that inevitably results in a massive transfer of power to government authorities. 
          4. Watch as conservatives take the bait and vociferously reject the extreme solutions proposed. 
          5. Accuse those same conservatives of being too heartless or too stupid to solve the original problem on which we all thought we agreed.

So what Crenshaw is pointing out is the fact if the Republicans don’t take the climate change lead. And if the Democrats get their foot door by passing even the smallest of climate change bills.

Their liberal insanity will be never ending.


One needs only to look at the abortion issue to prove Crenshaw correct. 

I witnessed the Democrats hyperbole of ‘Clothes hanger abortion alleys’ that ultimately fearmongered America into legalizing abortion.

But once Roe v Wade made abortion legal for the first trimester. The Democrats, as always, wanted more, until now, 50 years later, they’re demanding that Infanticide be accepted.

My Lord, even after New York passed their reprehensible infanticide bill, liberals still demanded more.

Just days after New York lit the Empire State Building spire in pink and baby blue to celebrate the passing of their infanticide bill.

Virginia’s blackface and/or white hoodie-wearing Democrat Governor Ralph Northam wanted to pass a bill that asserted that even after the baby slip-n-slides its way out of their mother’s womb.

Abortion doctors should still be allowed to murder the innocent newborn.

Crenshaw’s Fictitious Big-Government Takeover

For Conservative political websites to claim that Rep. Dan Crenshaw is fearmongering Republicans to help pass some grand big-government takeover of the energy industry is simply ludicrous.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw simply pointed out, and rightly so, that if Republicans don’t propose a Capitalist based alternative to the liberal climate change lunacy, we will lose the battle.

As we recently have seen, how do Republicans respond when the AOC asshats of the world claim the Earth only has 10-years-left?

Luckily, we didn’t need to since even climate change advocates could see that AOC was spewing stupidity. 

But with the media, and 97% of the scientists, now screaming “Extreme Weather” as soon as one raindrop falls. 

Sooner, rather than later the people will start to give into their idiocy, and Republicans will need a response.

If you need proof of how they can make even the most idiotic delusional theory sound plausible.

Just look how far they’ve pushed the idea that after America elected a black man as President of the United States for not one but two terms. 

The same day we elected Donald Trump President, America was suddenly overflowing with White Nationalist Nazi’s hell-bent of bringing back slavery.

But what I found so fascinating about these Conservative websites claiming Crenshaw is a Liberal Cuck, is the fact that they missed one important piece of the puzzle.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw wants to MARKET and EXPORT this technology to the world, just like any good and decent American Capitalist would.

Crenshaw op-ed clearly states:

    • Once we have proven to reduce emissions here in the United States — that the U.S. can then market and export to the world. 
    • There is a distinct need for the U.S. to export cleaner energy sources to the developing world, as well as to the biggest CO2 emitters, such as China and India. 
    • “The New Energy Frontier devotes existing funds at the Department of Energy (DOE) to the research, development, and deployment of carbon-capture technology, so that these kinds of innovations may then be scaled up.
    • “We should think of it [carbon-capture technology] as a commodity…”
    • Improvements to the 45Q tax credit for carbon-capture projects would incentivize and reward those in the industry who choose to implement carbon-capture technology.

Nowhere does Dan Crenshaw propose the United States simply take over an industry. 

The way I read his proposal would be similar to what the United States has been doing with big oil for decades.

There is no “American Government Oil Company” but nevertheless, the news reports “America is now the largest exporter of oil and gas”.

Lord knows the American taxpayer-funded big oil to help them develop new technologies that would be used to discover previously hidden deposits.

And it turns out the American taxpayer investment was handsomely rewarded for their decades of research funding when America’s fracking cash Cow came home to graze.

Fracking has not only led to the creation of a brand new industry that created thousands of new jobs. It also created billions in new tax revenue.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the fracking industries’ sudden appearance, President Obama’s eight-years of economic stagnation that America suffered through would have been far worse.

Fracking saved America from a depression that would have made the ‘Great Depression’ seem like we were on a decade-long vacation.

What Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s proposed would be an investment into what he’s hoping results in America being rewarded with a fracking-like payoff.

But unlike fracking which ultimately became another Democrat talking point, if it succeeds Clean-Carbon technology would give Climate Change Democrats a severe case of laryngitis.

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