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by Joshua Krishnamoorthi:

In my recent article,Terrorism pose a great danger to any nation ,any time, any moment.It is the need of the hour of every nation for the co-ordination effort to eliminate from the society.Again to the knowledge of everybody, these type of cowardly attacks are from particular section of the people in the world.Their mind is to harm people,,induce&train innocent people to do this attack and they cannot change their mind but we have to control and eliminate fully.

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It is a very shocking to the world, Hafiz Saeed was released from the house arrest in Pakistan.Saeed is a designated global terrorist and the US has declared a bounty of $10millions to his head. Even though pressure from Donald Trump administration, he was released by the Pakistan government. Pakistan had detained him several times but he has largely remained free ,addressing rallies and meeting people giving interviews.

This man is the leader of Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist organization and responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent people including American citizens. This action by Pakistan is condemn-able and the Pakistan government should re-arrest him immediately.

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I hope Donald Trump administration should act and help for the arrest of this criminal again to avoid further damage to the society and make America great again in the future.

By J.krishna moorthi


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