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Senior White House policy advisor Stephen Miller sat down on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. He was very clear about the message President Donald Trump’s supporters are trying to send Washington and explained exactly why the issue isn’t about race.

“All the people in that audience and millions of Americans across the country are tired of being beat up, condescended to, looked down upon, talked down to by members of Congress on the left in Washington, D.C. and their allies in many corners of the media.”

Miller and Wallace were discussing the audience at a Trump rally in Greenville, North Carolina. Miller was specifically addressing the “Send her back” chants that erupted in the crowd during the President’s speech. “Her” referring to Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

This is coming a week after President Trump’s tweets criticizing a group of Democrat congresswomen. President Trump did not mention any names in the tweets, but the four congresswomen known as “the squad,” subsequently identified themselves as the subjects. Liberal network media have been calling the twitter posts and chant “racist.” The media are intentionally missing the point, Miller insists. “These four congresswomen detest America as it is currently constructed.”

Stephen Miller reminded the public of some of Ilhan Omar’s Anti-American statements in the past. “Some people did something,” she shrugged In reference to the 9/11 attacks. Al Qaida terrorists are just guys to Ilhan Omar. Murdering 3,000 Americans in cold blood in the worst terrorist attack on American soil is “something” she doesn’t want to talk about. Perhaps because she agreed with it?

He also alluded to an interview that Ilhan Omar made, where she giggled about how a University Professor would talk about Al-Qaeda in an intense and menacing tone, but not the United States or the Army.

Omar isn’t the only one of the squad with patriotism issues. Miller also added, “Perhaps the most shocking of all…are the comments made by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…that our border agents are running ‘concentration camps’ and therefore they are Nazis.”

Miller, an American Jew, stated how offended and outraged he was by the Congresswoman’s comments.

“One more point on that that I have to say…is that I’m Jew. As a Jew, as an American Jew, I am profoundly outraged by the comments from Ocasio-Cortez. It’s a historical smear. It’s a sinful comment.”

President Trump isn’t the first politician to call for making America better. “Anybody who’s running for office — right, left, or center — always points out where they think America can do better,” Miller notes. Candidates often lay out a road map of “where they think America needs to go.”

The difference with what’s happening today is a big one. “There’s a huge difference between ‘America first’ — and an ideology that runs down America.”

“There is a gigantic, enormous distinction between Donald Trump saying, ‘I’m going to get on the world stage and put America first in every single thing we do,’ versus a view that says, ‘America should never come first, and American citizens should never come first,’ which is their view, and that’s what we’re going to take to the ballot box.”

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“There’s a fundamental distinction between people who think that we need to lean into and strengthen America’s core values, whether it’d be our constitutional values, the rule of law, the principles of Western civilization — or people who think it would basically need to turn America into Venezuela.”

You hear barely a peep in the left-wing news media about these comments. However, you get a daily barrage of attacks on President Trump and his supporters as racist, dumb, and ignorant.

Then they wonder why they are losing ratings.

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