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Sunland Park, New Mexico, a small town adjacent to the west Texas city of El Paso, is hosting “Symposium at the Wall: Cartels, Trafficking and Asylum” this weekend, scheduled to run from Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon.

The Trump Times was on hand Friday for the conservative oriented security conference, being held within sight of a border wall funded solely through private donations. The highly controversial section was built on private property along a stretch of the U.S.-Mexican border in New Mexico.

The first full day of the symposium featured big name conservative speakers such as author Michelle Malkin, former Milwaukee, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke, and former Breitbart editor and Senior Advisor to President Trump, Stephen Bannon.

Everyone was pleasantly amazed when the day was interrupted by a surprise guest appearance. First son Donald Trump Jr. arrived unannounced, along with former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle. Trump was greeted with cheers and chants of “2024.” Many Americans hope to see Donald Trump Jr. as president number 46.

A boisterous and welcoming crowd greeted both Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle. They spoke to huge applause for about 15-20 minutes each, as both spelled out the President’s plan to build the wall and solve our nations border crisis.

We need a border wall, Trump Jr. insists. “We need to be able to protect ourselves and our citizens from the drug trade. We can’t have a system that encourages, essentially, mass migration — and all the negatives that come with that.”

They also mentioned that President Trump is keeping his promises made on the 2016 campaign trail, and how no other politician has ever been criticized for merely doing what he or she said he or she would do.

We have to take care of America first, and thanks to his father, “we’ve got someone getting it done.” Donald Trump is following his mandate to fight for the American dream and he’s “taken hell for actually doing all the things he said he would do.”

Michelle Malkin also spoke to the large crowd both inside and outside, where large television screens and a speaker system carried the symposium to those outside.

Malkin was on fire, getting right to the point by thanking the man who introduced her, Tom Tancredo. Not only was she amazed to be at “the DIY wall,” she was humbled and pleased to be introduced by an “immigration and patriot hero.”

“Tom was deplatformed by none other than Karl Rove, who told him not to ‘darken the White House door.'”

“As tough as the fight is against the far-leftists, the transnationalists, the open borders and the Democrat Party, it’s been a hell of a fight against the corporatist amnesty shills in the establishment GOP in the beltway.”

“Tom was one of those early birds in the House GOP grass roots who was holding the establishment elites accountable.”

“It’s time to look at the funders who are sabotaging efforts like this. Because this significant segment of wall will be able to block a significant number of people from coming in.”

The conservative Catholic Malkin criticized her church and the Vatican for its dangerous support for open borders, even calling out Pope Francis and the U.S. Bishops by name.

“But meanwhile, you’ve got sanctuary churches, the Vatican, and many religious organizations that are funded by your tax dollars, yours and mine, to undermine immigration law and to disrupt an orderly immigration system.”

Sherriff David Clarke sat on one of the panels and called out what he termed “cop haters,” people who threaten to “doxx” (giving out personal contact information) of Border Patrol and ICE agents for simply doing their jobs.

Stephen Bannon helped moderate the event including a couple of the panels.

Before Trump Jr’s arrival, Bannon praised the private group’s ability to build an effective barrier on their own initiative.

He says everyone needs to visit the border near El Paso and Sunland Park. Talking to the locals will bring crystal clear understanding of exactly “what the cartels have done… tried to criminalize Northern Mexico and prey upon the good citizens of Mexico.”

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Kris Kobach, General Counsel for We Build the Wall, Inc. who is responsible for constructing this section — and is fighting to build others — points out proudly, “This is the first privately constructed border wall on the national border in U.S. history. That in and of itself is an amazing accomplishment, and it’s not going to be the last.”

The day’s events were attended by a largely enthusiastic and peaceful crowd of supporters and activists. The event is to run until tomorrow afternoon and is to feature Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens in what is sure another eventful morning and afternoon of discussion and networking. Trump Times will be back to cover all the excitement.

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