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President Donald Trump’s supporters are complicit in the President’s “racism” if they do not speak out against it. That’s coming from “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin.

The ultra-liberal couldn’t resist spewing her heavily biased opinion, assuming every other American would wholeheartedly agree. She’s terrified that the Democrats running for the White House won’t be tough enough on the issue.

She hopes that the progressive candidates “have the cojones” to put the issue front and center. To her, it is a “morality issue.”

“This is about whether or not you will continue to vote for and support a President who is a racist, who is a misogynist…who’s killing the environment, who is putting children in cages, who is separating families, who is dividing our country.”

She doesn’t mention that fact that Barack Obama’s administration built those cages, or that no children would be in them if they legally applied for immigration through the proper channels. Patriotism gets automatically replaced with “racism” whenever liberals want to confuse the issue. President Trump also is guilty of being toxically male. Testosterone is something liberals want to see genetically engineered out of humans.

“If you are going to vote for that person and you are not going to speak out against racism, you are complicit in what he is doing to this country, period.” Hostin added, “That is what your America looks like. He only represents some Americans, not all.”

This latest outburst from the “The View” co-host is mostly a reaction to the President’s legitimate criticisms of Elijah Cummings representation of his Congressional district.

Job performance has nothing to do with race, but liberals have turned it into a race issue simply because Cummings is black and his district is mostly African-American. Trump said the exact same thing about Nancy Pelosi and her district yet you don’t hear a word of outrage about that because Pelosi is white.

In order for the President’s supporters to be complicit in his “racism,” the President has to be “racist.” Let’s look at the facts.

African-American, Hispanic-American, and Asian-American unemployment recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded, thanks to President Trump and his economic policies.

Calling out Elijah Cummings for “poor representation of his district,” which has one of the highest murder rates in the country, is not racist. Baltimore, the district Cummings has represented in Congress since 1996, recorded 309 homicide victims in 2018.

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Baltimore has one of the highest poverty rates in the country. From the 2010 census, Baltimore’s poverty rate is at 23.8% — well above the State of Maryland’s, which is at 9.8% and also above the national rate, which is 15%.

Sunny Hostin needs to get her facts straight, before she begins to label anyone, especially the president as “racist.” Or, patriotic Americans who stand behind him, as “complicit” in racism.

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