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President Donald Trump is set to address the United Nations General Assembly this week. That’s one crowd where he’s not particularly well liked, and where his “America First” agenda is not particularly well received.

What else would you expect from a group of anti-American, anti-Semitic, and anti-Christian globalists, socialists, and terrorist sympathizers like the UN?

President Trump will be going into the lion’s den this week. He’s scheduled to make a major address on international religious freedom. This, included with what he will probably talk to the General Assembly about, is not likely to be very popular with his audience at the global body. Talking about American sovereignty and defending our allies is not something that the global elites at the UN like to hear.

While the global progressive elite are focusing on “climate change” and worrying about the weather, President Trump will be speaking on the topic of religious persecution throughout the world. A topic not likely to inspire the likes of communist China, or the Mullahs in Iran, two governments with long, poor records on human rights and religious liberty.

Iran is already in trouble after an attack on the Saudi’s oil facilities last week, so they are not going to be particularly pleased to hear President Trump talk to them about defending the right of worship for the religious minorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran. However, you can be sure he will.

President Trump is also likely to address the topic of Venezuela, a country that whose economy and fiscal state has been destroyed and is bankrupt after years of socialist policies. These are the same failed policies that the progressives and socialists in the Democrat Party are now wanting to bring to the United States.

President Trump is right to skip the meetings on “climate change,” those meetings and discussions tend to devolve into an attack on the American values of capitalism and free enterprise.

President Trump ran on an America First agenda and platform, on putting the interests of America and American workers first before the interests of a global elite. He is working hard to fulfill that promise and to implement that agenda.

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