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In the aftermath of the second Democratic debate, an odds-maker at gambling website MyBookie revealed his favorite in the 2020 Presidential election — President Donald Trump!

Yes, after every Democratic debate, the president’s reelection chances go up. It seems the public doesn’t like hearing about how they’re going implement socialism, or what they’re going to do for illegals.

Progressives also don’t seem to care very much for being told that you do not agree with them. If you dare not to believe that they know what’s best for you and your family, than you’re dumb, stupid, and obviously a racist.

The bookie lists President Trump as the odds-on favorite to win reelection in 2020, with Senator Kamala Harris and former Vice President Joe Biden way behind him.

The MyBookie website calculates the president’s odds at -200, which means if you bet $1,000 on Trump, and he wins, you only get $800 because the chances are far in his favor.

In comparison, Kamala Harris ranks at +450, and Biden at +600. Warren and Sanders come in below that at +750 and +1400 respectively.

It seems like the more radical you get, and the further to the left that you go, your odds of winning the White House become substantially worse.

That is hard proof that Americans don’t like hearing about far-left and socialistic policy proposals, like open borders, and pro-abortion, anti-life, baby killing measures.

These odds don’t come as any surprise to President Trump. His supporters are equally confident. On the left, all we hear are the same old schemes that got our country into the mess President Trump’s trying to fix.

It’s nothing but the same old story and it produced the same winner of the second debate round too, President Donald Trump.

“Same radical Democrats. Same big government socialist message. Same winner of tonight’s debate: President Donald Trump,” President Tramp’s campaign Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany points out.

The liberal fake news media likes to tout major mainstream polls that show the President losing to several individual Democratic candidates in hypothetical general election match-ups but industry reports tell a different story.

Indicators like steady and strong economic growth, improving job numbers, and foreign policy successes, point to strong chances that the President will be able to secure a second term.

It seems like people in the media forget all about 2016, when the polls showed Hillary Clinton winning the election easily up until Election Day. We all remember and know how that one turned out.

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Political forecaster and economist Stephen Moore predicts that if President Trump can nail down a major long-term trade deal with China, his chances for reelection go up even further. He predicts a ”40-state landslide,” should that occur.

We’ll wait and see. It’s still 15 months until Election Day, but the odds and data indicators bode well for President Trump and his chances for reelection.

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