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President Donald Trump appeared in Jamestown, Virginia, for the 400th anniversary of the first assembly there in 1619. The historical event marks the beginnings of American representative democracy.

Democratic leaders are boycotting the event, even though Virginia democratic leaders do not have the moral high ground on issues of race, and it is hypocritical for them to claim it, Instead, they have marred an event that should be without controversy and a source of patriotic pride.

Why haven’t Democrats insisted on the resignation of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam for a blackface photo scandal, for instance? He admits that he was one of the two that appeared in the photo. Not to mention the Democratic Party’s own historical stances on the issues of race, slavery, and segregation.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham released an official statement prior to the event.

“President Trump passed criminal justice reform, developed opportunity zones securing record-setting investment in distressed communities, and pushed policies that created the lowest unemployment rates ever for African Americans, so it’s a bit confusing and unfortunate that the VLBC would choose to push a political agenda instead of celebrate this milestone for our nation.”

The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus announced their boycott of the President’s appearance, in protest over what it claims are the President’s “racist” tweets.

They boycott President Trump but ignore the fact the state’s governor remains in office despite has his own personal history of racism. Virginia’s Democrat attorney general, Mark Herring, has also been the subject of a blackface photo scandal.

Virginia’s Democratic Leadership, as well as the party’s national leadership, has not insisted that Gov. Northam step down, even if they may have given individual statements for public relations purposes, when the scandal was front-page news. Liberals forget all that while insisting that the House impeach President Trump, because, well, he is a racist.

This event should be a celebration of an important milestone in the history of our nation and democracy, and should not be marred by controversy and hypocritical allegations of racism.

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