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Democrats have been running around Capitol Hill waving a report from their public relations team that shows undecided voters don’t like the young progressive “squad” one bit. Voters are annoyed so much that it could make an already tough election battle impossible to win.

The numbers first came in at the end of May, but since then, things have only gotten worse for Democrats. The report has started to take on much more serious meaning in the context of recent events. It shows that the Democrats might lose their House majority along with insuring President Donald Trump another four years in the White House.

An internal Democrat poll of voters in swing districts, especially the ones where “Democrats were able to perform well in 2018,” shows they aren’t happy with either Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Ihlan Omar. Both of them were ranked in the “high unfavorability” range.

According to the results published by Axios, the voters know who AOC is.
“Ocasio-Cortez was recognized by 74% of voters in the poll.” They just don’t like her. Only 22 percent “had a favorable view.” That’s less than one in four. The other three either don’t like her or don’t care.

Ihlan Omar did even worse. “Rep. Ihlan Omar of Minnesota was recognized by 53% of the voters.” Only half those asked ever heard of her. The ones that did know of her, can’t stand her. Only 9 percent marked her favorably. Less than one in ten like her and nine in ten would vote for a rock instead. Probably because the ones who’ve heard of her, heard that she married her brother to break immigration laws while married to someone else, then fudged her taxes to cover it up.

Potential Democrat voters don’t like Socialism either. That means not only that Bernie Sanders doesn’t stand a chance, All the members of the so called “squad” profess to being socialist style democrats. “Socialism was viewed favorably by 18 percent of the voters and unfavorably by 69 percent.” Good old American Capitalism scored 56 percent favorable. President Trump and the Republicans are on the right side of that one.

This should make Democrat operatives and consultants stop and take a hard look at their strategy. They honestly believe that socialism could be the winning issue for 2020.

Perhaps they should also take heed that Bernie Sanders, the socialist standard-bearer in the United States, has fallen to third place behind Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. Kamala Harris is breathing down Bernie’s neck.

The May results are backed up by other recent polls. One taken back in June on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s shows that voters don’t like her, even in her own district. According to the polls, her constituents do not like her, do not trust her and do not want her.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll done in March matches the later numbers that only 18% of respondents socialism favorably, whereas 50% disapproved.

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The Democrat party needs to think twice if they believe that socialism is going to be winning issue in 2020. Kamala Harris is on record that she would do away with private health insurance, now she denies it after the fact.

Virtually all the Democrat contenders for the 2020 nomination favor “Medicare for all,” which would bankrupt the country. If they think that this is what Americans want and what will get them over the top in 2020, they’re delusional.

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