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Day 2 of the Symposium at the Wall was every bit as exciting as the first. The attendees were privileged with another jam packed day of hard hitting conservative analysis of the border crisis.

Notable big name conservative celebrities such as Anna Paulina and Candace Owens gave moving speeches that had the crowd cheering and chanting.

Friday’s conference, which was the first full day of events, was amazingly highlighted by the surprise appearance of Donald Trump Jr., but Saturday’s packed and enthusiastic crowd wasn’t disappointed one bit.

The morning was filled with panels on national security and fortifying the border, that included some fireworks when former Congressman Tom Tancredo blasted a broadside at local Congresswoman Veronica Escobar.

Tancredo called her out for violations of the law. She actually sent her staffers across the border to the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez, to instruct asylum seekers about how to get around U.S. Immigration. Tancredo called that, “aiding and abetting.”

“She should be in prison,” he exclaimed, to loud chants of “lock her up.”

Texas congressman Louie Gohmert spoke on the same panel about the legislative side of the border wall funding and Immigration policy issues.

“Paul [Ryan] stopped bills that would’ve funded the wall.” he said, and further added that Mark Meadows responded to Paul Ryan’s actions. In one meeting, Meadows demanded, “bring them to the floor.” Gohmert later added that the wall “stands not for hatred but for love.”

Anna Paulina, known by her online persona “RealAnnaPaulina,” made an appearance on one of the panels talking about immigration issues and the Hispanic community. Most of those attending are from the city of El Paso, Texas. Paulina pointed out that El Paso sports a population which is 80% Hispanic. She later had the honor of introducing the Keynote speaker of the conference, Candace Owens.

Black conservative activist Candace Owens spoke for about 30 minutes to numerous rounds of loud applause. She also pointed out that the crowd was made up of largely minority attendees. Proving the media’s narrative, that support for President Trump and the border wall is driven by racism, wrong.

Owens came out swinging. “Any person who is saying we should have open borders in this country should be considered racist because we know what open borders leads to.”

She also pointed out that the left never wants to mention the fact that half our nation’s border patrol are Hispanic. More than “50 percent of them are Hispanic-Americans.”

When they call for abolishing ICE and abolishing border patrol they want to abolish jobs for hard working Hispanic Americans who follow the rules and respect this country in favor of illegal criminals that cross this border and have no respect for the process of legislation that we have built in this country.

She also pointed out how back in 2008, Barack Obama himself was against illegal immigration because all the studies showed that illegal immigrants were taking jobs and resources away from black Americans.

British conservative Raheem Kassam, former Breitbart London editor and Senior Advisor to Nigel Farage — now editor of Human Events, also spoke to those in attendance. He lamented the decline of British culture and society, caused in large part by unlimited immigration and warned Americans against going down the same path.

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The conference was concluded with final remarks by Steve Bannon in which he stressed the need to continue supporting the group “We Build the Wall,” responsible for privately constructing the section of wall where the conference was held. Bannon also mentioned the planning for another conference to be held next summer at the site.

Overall, the conference was two and a half days of fun, good food, networking, and awesome discussion. Those in attendance were given their charge to continue the fight for America and our values and to prepare for the long and tough campaign in the year to come.

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