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Active duty military personnel deployed along the southern U.S. border have been assigned new duties to help ease the burden on overworked Customs and Border Protection workers. About 350 soldiers at a time will be working side by side with CBP, to conduct “welfare checks” on detained migrants. Right now, there are 2,300 active-duty troops currently assigned to border missions.

‘These “welfare checks” are being conducted primarily at Border Patrol stations in Texas and Arizona and includes “monitoring the welfare of individuals in CBP custody,” a Pentagon statement read. One official notes:

“Active duty DOD military personnel are assisting Customs and Border Protection agents in CBP facilities by periodically monitoring migrant well-being, and reporting suspicious, violent, or medically related unresponsive behavior.”

The Pentagon has also approved a request from the Department of Homeland Security for another 1,000 National Guard members to join the 1,900 already stationed along the border with Mexico. This, too, is being done to help out overwhelmed Customs and Border Protection agents.

The National Guard troops are all under the command of Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

About 750 of the fresh National Guard personnel are expected to “provide supplemental holding support to CBP at CBP’s temporary adult migrant holding facilities in Donna, Texas and Tornillo, Texas,” Pentagon spokesman Maj. Chris Mitchell confirms.
“They will assist DHS law enforcement personnel with operational, logistical, and administrative support. Migrants will be supervised by DHS law enforcement personnel.”

The other 250 fresh troops are to “provide support at CBP — designated ports of entry and airports in Texas to enhance border security and improve the flow of commercial traffic.”

Though this was not in the original purview of the military’s presence on the southern border, the recent large-scale influx of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants at the U.S.– Mexican border has stretched CBP and the Border Patrol to the breaking point.

This additional support was requested of the Pentagon by CBP back in April, to help in dealing with this humanitarian crisis. The Mexican Government has agreed to help with this migrant crisis by retaining asylum seeks in Mexico while their requests for asylum in the United States are processed.

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President Donald Trump campaigned in 2016 on a promise to build a wall along the southern border to solve our crisis at the border. Despite stiff opposition from both Republicans and Democrats up on Capitol Hill, he has worked hard to fulfill that promise.

Border security is needed and to have secure borders, we need to make sure that ICE and CBP agents have enough resources and support to do the job that they are tasked to do. We cannot survive as a sovereign nation for very long if we allow everybody to just come walking in. We are not a sovereign nation unless we have secure borders and immigration laws that people respect and which are dutifully enforced.

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