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The House of Representatives, which is controlled by Democrats, has approved an amendment started by Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (her again). She wants Congress to watch over the Terror Watch List.

Who does she want on the terror list? Not Islamo-fascist terrorists, whom she has defended repeatedly, and with whom she seems to identify? No, not them.

According to an interview she gave Al Jazeera last year, white men. She says, “white men” are the real threat that Americans should fear the most.

No, Americans should not fear Al Qaida, who attacked us on 9/11. Not ISIS, who have killed hundreds of American soldiers in Iraq and Syria — and have developed a massive network of sleeper cells in the United States. No, not them, but white men, the real threat.

In the same interview where she said that Americans should fear white men as the real threat and source of terrorism, she also added that the U.S. should have policies to profile and monitor white men in order to fight against the “radicalization” of white men. Huh?

This is the woman, who, it should be reiterated, referred to the 9/11 terrorists, who were Islamic, as “some people did something.”

Ilhan Omar did not specify or give an example of why Americans should fear white men, who she referred to generally as the real terrorist threat.

Yes, there have been white male individuals who have carried out terrorist attacks on American soil. Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, for example. Statistics show that most terrorism in the world is carried out by Islamic Jihadists, not white men.

How is Rep. Omar not being racist when she holds to these general views about a specific group of people? This video shows it all. The best part starts at the 5:53 mark.

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She continuously attacks the President and anybody who disagrees with her, always as racist. Let’s not forget to mention the numerous Anti-Semitic statements that she has made. “Israel has hypnotized the world.” She has accused American Jewish lawmakers of having dual loyalties. Judging by her past statements, her hypocrisy reeks.

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