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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a Democrat representing Minnesota, has been the subject of rumors that her ex-husband, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi was not a “British citizen” as she claimed him to be. She applied for her spouse Elmi to be allowed to immigrate to the United States, but he is actually her brother.

Now Omar is in the midst of a new controversy involving her present husband, Ahmed Hirsi. Quite possibly, he will soon be her ex-husband too, if the rumors of their separation are factual.

The  latest gossip reports she had him fired from his job as an aide to Minneapolis, Minnesota Councilwoman Alondra Cano. Why did Omar have him fired? A source reportedly told PJ Media that it was because “he would be reliant on her assets and income.”

The latest development is just another twist in Omar’s tangled tale. The reason for the alleged separation are news reports about an alleged extramarital affair involving Omar and Tim Mynett. Omar was allegedly funneling campaign funds to him to cover traveling expenses, so they could meet.

The alleged affair supposedly caused the divorce between Mynett and his wife while also stoking rumors about a separation between Ilhan Omar and Hirsi. Omar denies the reports, both of the alleged affair and the separation.

Of course, confirmation that she was involved in an extramarital affair, as well as finance fraud to make it easier, could be very politically damaging. The congressional district which she represents has a large population of Somali Muslims, who won’t take very lightly that she violated her Islamic marriage vows by participating in an adulterous affair.

Omar’s latest alleged lover, Tim Mynett.

No wonder she wants to keep her husband in line and dependent on her financially. If he were to file for a divorce, it would prove the rumors about an affair and the financial fraud attached to it. It could also open up renewed inquiry into many other allegations concerning her past.

Those allegations, as well as her past statements pointing to sympathies for radical Muslim terrorist groups should paint her as a national security risk.

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