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The Supreme Court says, yes, President Donald Trump can actually enforce his rule and deny the applications of asylum seekers at the southern border.

The new rule states that anyone seeking asylum who travels through one or more countries on the way to the United States must apply in one of them. The Supreme Court’s ruling lifts temporary restrictions that were upheld by liberal lower courts. The policy will go into effect immediately, though there are legal challenges still working through the courts. The matter will be settled once and for all when the case goes to trial.

The highest court ruled on the case with a 7-2 majority, handing a huge victory to President Trump and his administration. They have made immigration policy and border security a big part of President Trump’s platform. Liberal justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsberg were the dissenting voices.

In response to the ruling, The President tweeted, “BIG United States Supreme Court WIN for the Border on Asylum.”

This should be a huge boon to his his reelection efforts. He is doing what he said what he do. The reform of our “asylum seeker” policy, along with the desperately needed border wall, are helping to fulfill key promises from his victorious 2016 election campaign, securing the U.S.- Mexican border.

It will also help Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol agents at the southern border who have been overwhelmed the last several months because of the high number of asylum seekers.

Barack Obama promised a land of milk and honey to everyone who made it across the line.

This is a common sense rule. If they really want nothing more than a safe place to raise their family, there are countries closer to their homes that can provide jobs and safety. The United States has long been the only goal for migrants, because liberals rolled out the red carpet. Barack Obama promised a land of milk and honey to everyone who made it across the line. The flood of migrants seeking asylum in the United States has become an invasion.

Of course, progressives and the Democratic Party are not going to be happy with this new rule. In fact, litigation continues, in hopes that the decision can be overturned. Expect to see further court cases appealing the rule down the road. The American Civil Liberties Union and other left-wing activist groups have come out in strong opposition.

Of course, they have. The question that begs to be asked though, is why is the Democrat Party so strongly opposed to efforts to secure our southern border?

President Trump is signaling that he will continue to do the work that he was elected to do, no matter how stiff the opposition and how outrageous the attacks against him from the left.

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