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In the recent aftermath of several more high profile mass shootings, Congressional lawmakers are again pushing for more gun control legislation and more restrictions on Second Amendment freedoms.

Recently, five Senate Democrats, together with friends and relatives of mass shooting victims, held a press conference calling for more gun control. Here we go again.

Progressives are still hammering for universal background checks, which haven’t stopped mass shootings, since criminals keep finding new ways to get around the checks. They also propose that money earmarked for the border wall be diverted to fight domestic terrorism.

By domestic terrorism, what they are really trying to crack down on is conservative “nationalism.” Meanwhile, this is the same party that finds nothing wrong with a mother murdering her child in the womb. Who would trust them on any issue concerning life or death? They seem to be going right back to the standard playbook whenever a new tragedy occurs in the country.

The gun-grabbing Democrats also called on Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who has recently been the receiver of violent threats (so much for liberal tolerance), to call back the Senate from its August recess. The House is all set to vote on gun control legislation, such as new background checks, and so-called red flag laws. They want the rest of the Senate to rush back and sign off on whatever they throw on the table.

President Donald Trump has given qualified support for some of the measures, though conservatives still hold concerns about them.

McConnell “wants to do background checks. I do too, and I think a lot of Republicans do,” President Trump told reporters. “I don’t know frankly that the Democrats will get us there. We’ll see what happens.” The NRA has expressed willingness to consider red flag laws if some constitutional safeguards are included.

Earlier, Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer suggested that the roughly $5 billion allocated for the border wall go to fund the fight against “white supremacist ideology and gun violence,” according to a source close to the Senator.

What would these new legislative proposals do if they were to ever be implemented as policy? Not much. Background checks have largely been shown to be ineffective, since criminals, who do not obey the law anyway, would find ways to circumvent the new laws.

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Gun control policy does nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, it just keeps them out of the hands of honest law-abiding citizens, removing from them their ability to defend themselves.

Huge questions remain about how these proposed red flag laws would actually work in the real world. Especially ones like who would determine what constitutes dangerous behavior that would justify restricting a person’s freedom to own a firearm?

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