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Ten Democratic contenders for the White House sparred over the hot button liberal issues Tuesday night in Detroit, Michigan, as the second round of their debates got underway. Overall, the biggest topic of the night was how far left the party’s policies should lean.

Every question discussed became a battle over whether to take a radical progressive approach or a more compromising moderate stance. Pete Buttigieg hit the nail on the head as they were wrangling. The Indiana Mayor noted, “It’s time to stop worrying what the Republicans will say.” Hard left or moderate, either way, “they’re going to call us a bunch of crazy socialists.”

The topics discussed ranged from who had the best way to get a single-payer health care system to slavery reparations. There was bickering, and Bernie Sanders calling the president, “a pathological liar.”

It didn’t take long after the start of the debate for the candidates to get into a discussion on the most controversial topic of this election cycle for Democrats, “Medicare for All.”

Self-described socialist Bernie Sanders and progressive Elizabeth Warren touted their plans for more government involvement in health care. Liberal candidates like Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke have also come out with their own Medicare for All plans.

Others, most barely breaking 1% in the polls, tried to stake out positions that are more “moderate.” John Delaney, a former Maryland Congressman, asked, why should Democrats “be the party of taking something away from people… We can give everyone healthcare and allow everyone to have choice.”

Elizabeth Warren responded, “Let’s be clear about this. We are the Democrats.” Senator Warren made it crystal clear that is what Democrats do. They are the party that takes stuff away from people and redistributes it. What an admission.

Amy Klobuchar said she supported a public option as the best way to move forward, the goal is still a single payer system, but she would be more subtle and phase the program in incrementally over a few  years.

Other topics like gun control came up, during which Bernie Sanders bragged about having a D rating from the NRA. Their apparent intention was to use the debate as a platform to highlight how anti-second amendment they are.

Most of the candidates on the debate stage last night were well in favor of an assault weapons ban. The majority came out in favor of open borders. They showed a consensus on “decriminalizing” illegal border crossings and even giving free health care to illegal aliens.

Again, Bernie Sanders called the President a “racist” for his immigration and border security policies.

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Joe Biden still leads in the polls nationally though you wouldn’t know it last night. His name was conspicuously never mentioned. Elizabeth Warren is surging and ahead by a nose in Iowa, where the first caucus will be held in January of 2020.

This is definitely going to be an interesting next few months in the run up to the first caucuses and primaries.

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