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“Dallas Cowboys, let’s get real about your outdated cheerleaders and the giant video board that exploits them.“ That was the headline for an opinion piece published in the Dallas Morning News on Wednesday, September 11. I beg to differ.

The girls that try out for the squad do so voluntarily. Those that make the squad know what it entails, and for who they are performing. For most of them, making the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Are they exploited? No. Not to mention that Judy Trammell, the team’s Choreographer, and Kelli McGonagill Finglass, both of whom are former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, are also born-again Christians. They honestly care for their girls.

“They are a 20th Century throwback dragged into a new era that doesn’t want or need them,” Sharon Grigsby wrote. Then why is the series “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team” now going into its 14th season? The show continues to see its ratings rise. How could that happen in a new era that doesn’t want or need them?

She continued, “to this lifelong Cowboys fan, it feels the time has come to retire America’s Sweethearts — or at least put them in an entirely new uniform with a completely different routine.” First, I like the uniform. Secondly, while the uniform has not changed since they started wearing the blue, silver, and white outfits with bare midriffs and white hot pants, back in 1972, the routine is completely different. What other NFL Cheer-leading squad does the kick line and jump split?

The National Football League fan base is unsurprisingly predominantly heterosexual male. The women out there on Sundays, performing prior to the games, are doing so with full knowledge of this. The purpose of an NFL cheerleader is to draw the attention of the fans and get them excited before a game.

If the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are an outdated tradition and should retired, than why not do away with NFL Cheerleaders in general? Why pick on the Dallas Cowboys? Liberals seem to love to pick on the Dallas Cowboys.

You may remember that during the NFL’s national anthem controversy, it was Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who stood by the team’s policy that the players were to stand for the national anthem. Any player that knelt would be fined and suspended.

Fans go to games to watch the football, not to see the cheerleaders performing. Though men, who again, make up the majority of the NFL’s fan base, also appreciate seeing the beautiful women on the sidelines.

America’s Sweethearts are outdated and exploited, says who?

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