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Our favorite freshman Democratic Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is at it again. This time she is accusing the United States Border Patrol of purposely arresting American citizens.

She starts exaggerating in the first line, by making “citizens” plural when she only has an isolated report of a single affected person, Francisco Erwin Galicia. AOC totally ignores the excellent reason why the young man was detained, simply to score popularity points with her twitter fans.

She said in a tweet on Monday, “CBP is detaining American citizens. How would you feel trapped in a border camp, where guards wear face masks because the human odor is so strong? When we allow the right of some to be violated, the rights of all are not far behind.”

This is just another false accusation in a string of false accusations made against the brave men and women of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol.

AOC, who recently accused the Border Patrol of being “Neo-Nazis” and running concentration camps, has been constantly slandering ICE and Border Patrol agents for the most egregious of human rights violations.

Worse, she did all this while refusing to vote for the funding that they need, to do their jobs. Even with this lack of support from Capitol Hill, our immigration agents are doing a good job.

The Washington Post, not a conservative news bastion by any stretch of the imagination, uncovered the true story about AOC’s latest accusation.

According to Claudia Galan, Francisco’s attorney, the reason it took CBP and ICE so long to determine Galicia’s citizenship is because his mother lied on his birth certificate. The mother, who isn’t a citizen, filed for a U.S. Tourist Visa in his name while he was still a child. She falsely attested that he was born in Mexico.

His mother, Sanjuana Galicia, told the Post that “CBP discovered the visa after fingerprinting her son.”

“The conflicting documents only fueled the agency’s suspicion that Galicia’s documents were fake,” attorney Galan admits.

The undocumented mother couldn’t get him a U.S. passport because “when Galicia was born,” Galan relates, “she gave a different name for herself on his birth certificate.”

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The mother, who seems to have crossed the border illegally to give birth and then lied on his birth certificate, is the one who is at fault here, not ICE or the Border Patrol.

AOC, as an elected congresswoman, should be held to a much higher standard when it comes to telling the truth about ICE and Border Patrol, who are just doing their jobs.

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