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Senator Bernie Sanders has a $16.3 trillion “Green New Deal” plan to battle climate change. You read that right, $16.3 trillion. He actually believes all that money would let the United States generate 100 percent of our electricity from “renewable energy” sources by 2030. He promises “full de-carbonization” by 2050.

How are we supposed to reach this goal? Through bigger and more intrusive government.

You’ve probably already heard of the Green New Deal. It was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s bright idea and has been largely discredited. It didn’t get a single vote in the Senate.

Not even one Democrat voted for the plan, when it was brought to the floor for a vote over the summer. Bernie Sanders is only the latest in a string of Democratic Presidential contenders who have come out with their own climate change battle plan.

Let’s look at what Bernie Sanders plan would do. It would “launch a decade of the green new deal.”

The name of this proposal is supposed to bring to mind President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Great Depression era New Deal, which actually was not a single coherent plan, but a patchwork of government social programs. It also did not lift us out of the depression. Historians have said that FDR’s New Deal programs and regulations probably prolonged it. Government is not the solution, it is almost always the problem.

The ban would aggressively move the United States off fossil fuels and ban the practice of hydraulic fracturing, commonly referred to as fracking, a highly controversial and misunderstood technology. Bernie wants to transition fossil fuel workers to a green economy.

How would this work in practice? As they say, the devil is in the details. This is just another attempt to force socialism on the United States, when it has failed in every other country where it was tried. You don’t have to look any further than Cuba or Venezuela to see where it would lead.

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Do we really need this huge government expansion and intrusion? The answer is no, we do not. Can we afford Bernie Sanders plans to bring socialism to the country? No, we cannot. Experience has shown that the free market and free enterprise has always been the best solution to problems and crises, not socialism and big government.

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