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Kim Jong Un rattled his sabre with a recent test, watching over the launch of “a new tactical guided weapon.” The use of the word tactical means that it is short range and more of a signal than a threat.

President Donald Trump downplayed the “rocket man’s” posturing on Sunday, stating that he was sure Kim “would keep his promises.” Trump was actually amused by what Kim had to say about former Vice President Joe Biden having “a low IQ.” In his Twitter post, the president noted that he “smiled” when Kim “called Swampman Joe Biden a low IQ individual, & worse.”

President Trump is in Japan right now and issued a statement that he “puts a high value” on his relationship with Kim and will discuss the matter with the Japanese Prime minister Abe Shinzo.

Kim seems to be following in the same negotiating footsteps as his father, who was famous for wanting to negotiate but never following through.

Kim Jong Un commendably has begun talks with the United States and other countries including Russia and China to discuss the situation and attempt to resolve the tensions brought about by his nuclear ambitions. Kim views his countries nuclear capability as his ace in the hole to prevent treachery. He often points to what happened with Libya’s former leader Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi.

Until Kim decides to comply fully with U.S. demands to dismantle his nuclear weapons program totally, all of the crippling sanctions will remain in place. The population has been feeling the pinch with rumors going around that North Koreans are eating grass to survive. Kim won’t be able to resist sanctions much longer and will be welcome back to the negotiating table as soon as he is willing to bargain in good faith.

The North Koreans also want war games between South Korea and the United States to end, because they see those maneuvers as a provocation.

Many American vets have strong memories of the increased regional tensions that originally prompted numerous joint exercises conducted in the demilitarized zone, alongside the Korean Republic’s Army. Every time North Korea would act up, an exercise was staged. The strategy appears to work, so we are continuing the pressure along with our allies in the region.

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