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The Japanese have more respect for Trump than the Democrats. They showed it recently while Trump was in Japan for talks with the Emperor.

You probably haven’t seen images of the President’s motorcade in the mainstream media, as President Donald Trump made his way through the streets of Tokyo, to be greeted like a hero at the Imperial Palace.

Trump was there for a state dinner with Emperor Naruhito and also to bestow an award called the “president’s cup” on professional sumo wrestler Asanoyama Hideki.

The streets weren’t lined with people but there was large police presence as shouts of “We love Trump! We love Trump!” greeted the American president.

Most Americans say that It’s a real shame how our president can be treated so cruelly by Democrats in our country who are screaming for impeachment every minute, while in other countries he is loved and highly respected.


These were ordinary people, showing their respect and love to the only world leader with the guts to stand up to North Korea and China. Not only was Kim Jong Un shooting missiles over their heads until President Trump came along, they have been battling China’s expansion in the South China Sea.

The Japanese people were delighted that Trump attended the “Grand Sumo Tournament.” Afterward, President Trump Awarded the “President’s Cup” to the champion.

The Japanese people, led by Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, recognize that, as American Thinker puts it, “Japan needs American support and protection in the face of North Korean nukes and China’s military and economic expansion, and its desire to dominate a Chinese version of a twentieth-century Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.”

Instead of working with the president to solve the nation’s problems, Democrat lawmakers and liberal protestors Instead harass him on a daily basis. Then you turn around and see that people from different country’s love what he’s doing. The Democrats have been nothing but obstructionist ever since President Trump took over from a lazy predecessor. Most of the time, Obama did nothing put his feet up on his desk.

President Trump has done more for this country than any other president we’ve had in recent history, while the Democrats are wasting their chance to make history and work with him.


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