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These guys are true American heroes — doing what Congress refuses to do, build a wall to secure our border using private money from donations. What a great bunch of guys and girls! While workers poured concrete they hung a banner that said Trump 2020, out of respect for President Donald Trump.

When private citizens have to step up and spend money out of their own pockets to pay for a wall to protect our country, it proves that our lawmakers are delinquent in their duties. Congress, especially the Democrat controlled House, is a shame to our country and makes us the laughing stock of the world.

The sponsors of the fundraiser, We Build the Wall Inc., stated that they had to halt work until they cleared a hurdle to get two permits from the city of Sunland Park, in southern New Mexico. It’s never easy to do anything these days when you have to have permits for this or that, even if it means doing something for people’s safety.

According to  U.S. News and World Report, “building inspectors determined that an application for a construction permit was incomplete and the city sent a cease-and-desist order. That prompted thousands of phone calls from the group’s supporters.” many of those calls were death threats and accusations that city officials were working for the drug cartels.

“What cartel paid off the Sunland Park City officials to lie and shut down our wall project?!” Brian Kolfage, founder of We Build the Wall tweeted. Kolfage served in the U.S. Air Force and is now a  triple-amputee. He described Sunland Park officials as “corrupt.”

Supporters of the wall wanted to send a clear message to the city by telling them “stop playing games.”

Sunland Park Mayor Javier Perea told Reuters that “his email and voicemail were clogged with thousands of messages, some calling him racist slurs and others threatening to ‘come down and shoot us all.’”

City officials deny that the grass roots pressure campaign prompted any special handling of the permits.

“Neither phone calls, emails, nor visits to City Hall played a role in our decision to issue permits,” City Manager Julia Brown asserts.

For President Trump and his supporters, this is a symbolic victory, since neither the courts nor congress will worry about American security until there’s another 911 — how quick they forget.

When this piece of wall is finished, it will only be just over a half-mile long and there’s still over 1,954 miles left to do. The estimated cost is $6 to $8 million dollars. Organizers of this effort relate that 10 similar projects are on the drawing board now.

All Americans should stand up and show their disgust to these sanctuary cities, and with Congress, who would rather see our own people die just to get illegal votes.

Every Republican has a mouth and needs to use it to stand up to these Democrats who don’t care about American families. The only thing liberals care about is letting illegals into the country — which gives them votes allowing them to maintain their power.

The Florida group that is responsible for the fundraiser pulled in $23 million so far using GoFundMe.

Shouldn’t that be message enough to the Democrats? If people donated that much money through GoFundMe, then there’s a lot of people out there want that wall built. Another point is that it doesn’t bode too well for any Democrat campaigning in Florida, since Florida is a must win state for someone running for president.

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