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Because the Democrats refuse to help stop the invasion of illegal immigrants, our detention facilities are now bursting at the seams. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has no choice anymore except turning illegals loose on the streets.

The system is so overwhelmed that many cities along the border, where most illegals are processed, have themselves become saturated, prompting migrants to be sent off in buses or airplanes to heartland America. For now, most have been relocated in the Southwest.

Since we have no choice but to transport all these people, more and more Americans are getting behind President Donald Trump’s idea to ship them to so-called “sanctuary cities” first. That, many say, will put pressure on liberal Democrats to finally do something about the problem.

“There’s no room at facilities for them. It’s getting so backlogged,” explains former ICE Director Thomas Homan, “It’s a national crisis. They have to do what’s best.” The former acting director is still in close contact with the administration.

“There’s no room at facilities for them. It’s getting so backlogged. It’s a national crisis. They have to do what’s best.”

Legitimate American citizens, no matter if they were born here or if they immigrated legally, have a right to be furious about the invasion of border jumping illegals coming into our nation. It’s hard to keep your cool, when you see illegals coming into this country and getting everything handed to them, while we have people in the streets suffering and dying.

Catch and release is still really bad, we hated it under Barack Obama, but this time it is a little different.

Until President Trump came along, there was never any intention to remove any of the illegals that went through the revolving door at the border only to disappear into the shadows all across the country.

Now, there isn’t really any choice because there are so darn many of them. At least now, the border patrol isn’t acting as a travel agent, as was the previous policy.

In the past, ICE usually made sure that families and individuals had travel plans before sending them to different cities, often places where they had relatives. The new system is simply dropping illegals off at border town bus stations or with churches that offer “sanctuary.”

DHS statistics show that if the numbers follow the current trend, 445,000 border jumpers will be released into different cities by the end of this year.

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