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Can you imagine Facebook shutting down the traffic to conservative web sites just because they don’t like President Donald Trump? Many feel that is exactly what they did, and are doing something about it at the annual shareholder meeting.

A mass protest is scheduled at Facebook’s corporate headquarters for Thursday, May 30, 2019. Turnout is expected to by heavy based on publicity generated by Conservative political commentator Michelle Malkin. She is one of the ones affected by social media censorship.

The protest is sponsored primarily by California Rising and Take California Back who insist that Facebook’s censorship of conservative voices is out of control. The activists invite Californians to “Come support the #1A,” a first amendment supporter, “and stand united in support of our fellow Patriots that have been censored and banned.”

Conservatives were dominating social media sites like Twitter and Facebook in 2016. They were able to get the truth directly out to the public and Facebook didn’t like that.

Floyd Brown is a well known conservative speaker and author. His conservative web site, Western Journal along with Klicked Media, operated by  Jared Vallorani, lost a combined total of 1.5 billion “page-views” on Facebook alone since early in 2017. They are only a couple of the conservative groups who had the rug abruptly pulled out from under them. Especially after Facebook took the drastic step of “purging” more than 800 accounts in one day, just two weeks ahead of the 2018 mid-term election.

Protesters are angry about what reclaimthenet calls a “systematic” attack on conservative voices, “with a clear political purpose in mind.” A violation of the Facebook terms of service was not even necessary.

One instance that the organizers are referring to is the case of Paul Joseph Watson, who was kicked off Facebook simply for “association to Alex Jones and his InfoWars.”

The Gateway Pundit even published an “influence map” from data gathered in 2016 that shows “those conservative outlets that have since faced Facebook’s clampdown.” They note it is “a very large number.”

Another way to fight back against the stranglehold that Facebook has on social media is to join one of the new contenders for Facebook’s business. Conservatives will feel right at home at, check it out!

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