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If the delusional Democrats are going to continue to spew their Trump-Hate idiocy, can they at least all get on the same page?

President Donald Trump is regularly attacked by the Democrats and the mainstream media for his supposedly ‘not listening to the experts’.

Democrats pounce every time President Trump offered Americans a glimmer of hope or gave advice that ran counter to what the experts on the White House coronavirus task force had recommended.

Rashida Tlaib: ‘Go With Your Gut’ Coronavirus Message

But here comes one of the Democrats simpleminded ‘Squad; members Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., to spew her idiocy.

Tlaib told MSNBC viewers on Sunday to follow their “gut feeling” when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic because it’s more credible than the Coronavirus experts.

Wait. Do you mean the same experts’ Nancy Pelosi is always screeching that President Donald Trump is not listening to?

Of course, last week when protesters ‘went with their gut’ and railed against Michigan Governor Whitmer’s insane Coronavirus lockdown order.

The Democrats were quick to cry ‘Look at those lawbreakers, milling about waving American Flags. They should be arrested for refusing to follow the social distancing guidelines set down by medical experts’

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