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The Donald Trump Page Administrators are raffling off a one-of-a-kind commemorative Donald Trump 2016 run for the presidency display case.This commemorative case includes a signed red official hat and a signed official campaign shirt, a signed print and a make America great again plate (one-of-a-kind) as well as an official campaign megaphone (rare) and various other items such as a pen, button, bumper stickers and it also has a Trump card. The case also contains a time capsule with a little know fact about Mr. Trump. It’s hand made to Trump Quality standards. The case is valued at over $10,000. All proceeds will be used to fund Donald Trump Page Administrator’s activities to elect Mr. Donald Trump as the next president of United States. Each ticket cost $20 And Robert Jeter and Mike Rochin are not eligible to win. The drawing will be held using periscope on a live event March 30, 2016.


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  1. I would love to help out, but am unable to do more than read and share, share, share to get the word out and reply to posts. I am 59 and live on a $150. A month. Luckily I live with my daughter and her family. My feet were badly damaged in a car accident. I would love to help with a donation. I VOTE TRUMP

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