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Robert Lee Statue disfigured

The mainstream media coverage of the Charlottesville, Virginia incident magnified the race issue we have in the United States. And while condemning President Trump for his missing denouncement of white supremacist and neo-nazis, in an all too familiar, 24/7 back-to-back coverage cable news, the overreaction of what he said, has not investigated on what really happened that tumultuous day.

Liberals now are calling for Confederate statues to be taken down. Streets signs that bear Confederate names might be changed. Flags are being burned.


Some say it is splitting us further and further apart because they are reminders of oppression during the civil war era. Others say the Confederacy war to maintain slavery and white supremacy in the United States is something the country should not honor or commemorate in any way.

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As the debate with the left and ANTIFA gets complicated and insane, it is important to clear up that toppling down a monument or a statue is illegal in most states. But even if you go through that arduous process of asking permission to take a monument down. Is it really worth all the money and people’s taxes to bring down those monuments that some people see as a depiction of racism?

The truth is that the progressives are trying to mold history to fit their agenda, to the point of ignoring or erasing history. Calling everybody nazis, fascist and racist when they don’t agree with their unreal views. Add this to the mainstream media’s crafting that Trump is a racist because of his remarks about Charlottesville.

Racism is a now a word the mainstream media and the progressive left has overused that it now means nothing but more hatred and brutality. Their inept usage of the word has made it become trite and banal.

A washed out former Senator recently said that if you vote Republican in 2018, then you’re a racist.

I’m voting Republican.

I’d rather be a racist than insane!

Gerome Roa Aug 25, 2017

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  1. Good for you!! It’s published!! The conservative view is radically different from those on the Left. It’s not racism, because if you study history, then you will know that getting rid of history is a prelude to tyranny.

    • Good for you!! It’s published!! The conservative view is radically different from those on the Left. It’s not racism, because if you study history, then you will know that getting rid of history is a prelude to tyranny.

      • As far as our great president, he was just looking at the big picture and was leaving out things he knew, but couldn’t say.

  2. Gerome Roa, by Jove, I think you’ve got it!
    I’ll be voting Republican as a well. Because, no one, in their right mind, could vote otherwise now. The Democratic party has destroyed themselves from within AND without. Shameful, disgusting and pathetic, they truly are now.

  3. Great article! Looks like I must be a racist, too, because I will be voting for President Trump again, and then for his children if they run after him in 8 years.

  4. Gerome
    Thank you for this Great Article on examining “Why the protests may happening” when so many are under educated with Bachelor Degrees that do not hold water in the Historical Perspective of “TRUTH”. As your readership grows, I can only hope that your new audience will ALSO chime in as to why now after 200+ years of getting this under our belt (current population) and racial differences MATTER only AFTER Hillary Clinton lost. Barock Insane Obama started a false narrative with one black man getting shot trying & attacked and shoot an officer in his patrol car. Hands up, don’t shoot was a lie and BO along with Eric Holder of the Justice Dept backed UP the lie as the truth, even though a jury never had proof of “This lie” to be true and was acquitted of all charges. ~An American Male~

  5. Spot on! They can’t change history… The progressive liberals want to change history to fit their agenda… It doesn’t work that way. They are in fact the overseers of the democratic plantation!

  6. I have been following you for a long time now. Everything you say has been spot on. Keep up the good work. Charlottesville was a staged event bought and paid for by SOROS. No matter what Trump said or didn’t say really doesn’t matter because the left would have torn it apart anyway. And if the BLM and the ANTIFA bothered to read and learn about the men that these statues were erected for, they would learn that it had nothing at all to do with slavery. But we all know that they will never do that. Besides, if they did they would lose their jobs with SOROS.

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