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Not all shootings result in death. Jerrontae Cain would have faced a much worse sentence had he succeeded in killing an ex-girlfriend two years ago.

This is another perfect case of why expanded mental health programs can’t be started fast enough. It’s not necessary to shoot somebody you’re arguing with, just…walk away. Jerrontae obviously had prior problems that should have gotten attention. Cain also was known to be violent, he had been convicted of felony sexual battery in 2010.

Cain and the unidentified woman, now 42-years-old, were arguing in her car when the driver side window exploded and she blacked out. When she regained consciousness, she was in his car, not hers, being brought to his mother’s house with a “head wound.” Cain told her she hit a tree and had a head wound from the glass.

What really happened is he shot her in the head and lied to her. Cain was sentenced this week to 25 years in prison for several crimes including assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm by a felon.

For a month after the shooting, the woman stayed at Cain’s mother’s home, complaining of horrible headaches. She also had memory loss and speech problems according to the Fulton County District Attorney’s office. A friend finally took her to the hospital in June.

Doctors at the Atlanta Medical Center found a bullet in the rear of her skull, one that would have to stay there or it would kill her. Hospital staff alerted police. All she remembered was the window shattering.

Cain lied, said she’d had an accident, the car crashed into a tree but forensic evidence told a different story. A warrant was issued for his arrest but he wasn’t apprehended until January 2019 in College Park. He hid in the attic until surrendering. It was time to face the music and maybe get some help.

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