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The United States Supreme Court told one prominent Atheist activist he doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on. The Justices threw his misguided legal attempt to take “In God We Trust” off of U.S. money in the trash, refusing to even look at it.

They dismissed Michael Newdow’s latest case “without comment” on Monday.

Newdow, famous around the lower courts for losing several similar cases, asserted ” the motto is a government endorsement of religion and violates the First Amendment.” He didn’t do real well when he tried to get “under God” pulled out of the Pledge of Allegiance, either.

Another phrase Newdow isn’t real thrilled with is the one recited when oath’s are taken, “so help me God.”

As Newdow reasons, “by mandating the inscription of facially religious text on every coin and currency bill,” the government was turning atheists into “political outsiders.”

The United States was founded on a belief in God. The first settlers here were implicit in their belief and there wasn’t any legalese then.

To our Founding Fathers, everyone has a Creator and does their best to abide by this Creator, because life was a struggle. Children learned to read from their Bibles as the first school. Every family attended houses of worship in horse drawn wagons.

Money is based on trust. If you can’t trust the currency, no business gets done. Only bartered goods can change hands. Scarcity of particular items can even lead to death. In order to be effective we needed a consistent system, so a standard was established.

The motto is not an endorsement of religion. It simply states a common, ancient belief that the country was founded on. In 1864 Congress added the phrase to coins and it’s been printed on every bill since 1955.

In America, the Christian faith may be a majority but God is accepted by all the major religions. Although the leader of the free world should believe in something bigger than himself, no religion has become a “political insider.”

Many want to ask Mr. Newdow if he’s angry at God? Or, does he just want to harass those who do believe? Doesn’t he like this country as founded?

We do have the freedom to worship who or whatever we want — or nothing at all. Each individual is free to leave the country if not completely happy here.

The separation of church and state argument has been so badly twisted by those who want to destroy our American values that the original intent has been lost. Government shall not endorse a particular religion, however, the United States was founded on a basic belief in God. A belief in God is a basis of right and wrong. If we cannot or will not discern between those, society starts to break down.

Just ask anyone in California.

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