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Like teenagers you really can’t control for too much longer, Nancy Pelosi is having trouble keeping the “Three Musketeers” where she wants them. That’s Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Alexandria just figures the Queen Bee is sore about not being top dog anymore.

The Speaker of the House was dismissive of their naive positions recently but the younger set blows her off.

She’s just being cranky because she’s old and worn out. Like a battery that’s been sitting too long in a dusty drawer, Pelosi’s run out of juice.

Ilhan Omar lent her thumbs to an earthshaking tweet of AOC’s: “maybe she was just salty because she doesn’t have the power anymore.”

Both parties may wonder where on earth AOC comes up with what she says?

Unfortunately for everybody, so many things she blabbers make no sense at all. It seems like she doesn’t even want to learn.

A group that would assist her in touring Auschwitz was given the cold shoulder when she compared the border facilities to a Nazi concentration camp.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) tags along after the progressive diva trio enough to qualify as the Fourth Musketeer.

The four newcomers voted against a bill that would have given the border detention faculties the supplies and help they needed.

Pelosi needs to be careful to not just slough off these “Musketeers.” They’re experts at manipulating social media, where many young adults are. The three have loudly complained that the current Democrat party isn’t “left enough,” and they’ve all but announced a war against those who aren’t as extreme as them. Higher taxes, open borders and economy killing environmental extremism are on their way if this wing wins power.

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Pelosi, as a seasoned fighter in the halls of Congress knows full well that the border package bill that’s causing of the feud was the only thing Trump would have signed. The symbolic restrictions added by the House radicals didn’t have the slightest chance of getting through the Senate. Both sides agreed on everything else anyway.

This is only going to continue. Younger people voted into elected positions that were never taught when to shut up so as not to appear a fool are going to make a mockery of who and what they represent. They will have a much tougher time tearing down 200+ year old institutions.

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