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Angels do still walk among us. They don’t have to have wings, either. They look just like us. In a world full of people who would rather hurt you than help, it’s nice to be able to report some good news once in a while.

Reggie Finch is the assistant director of Soul’s Harbor, a non profit that helps drug addicts in recovery and keeps recent inmates from sleeping on the streets.

Recently, between the bank and his office, a bag with $2,000 in donations vanished.

“I have the check. I have everything. But I don’t have this bag with the money in it.”

Mentally retracing his steps, Finch remembered he had stopped, at a convenience store on his way. The manager told him on the phone that one of the store’s security cameras caught the whole thing.

He must have been deep in conversation with the crew at the local Buc-ees, and so excited about his work in the community, that he got distracted.

“What you did is you put your bank bag on top of the car, opened it up, put your stuff in – and we were all pulling for you, we were all pulling for you – you got on the car and the bank bag was still on top”

After searching the vicinity, he found the bag, but not the cash. “the bottom had busted out.” He was terrified to see several loose bills fluttering near the edge of a storm drain. Assuming the worst, Finch returned to his office.

After worrying for several days about the ill fated expense money, he got a call from police. A pair of TXDOT road workers discovered “the cash in a pile.” Without hesitation, they turned it straight over to the cops.

Indeed, something special was going on here. Soul’s Harbor may be destined for much great things.

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