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Liberals are upset because President Trump is bringing hope back to American citizens, along with all the change that Barack Obama promised and failed to deliver. Progressives refuse to admit it, and throw temper tantrums instead. Illegal aliens are the ones who are supposed to be reaping the benefits, not citizens.

For those who understand Trump, it’s easy to see what happened. Trump is an outsider and a businessman. Obama, on the other hand, was a deep state political insider, groomed from birth by progressive bigwigs. That’s exactly how Trump is doing what Obama never could.

One of Obama’s biggest mentors was Frank Davis. In his 1995 so called “memoir,” “Dreams from My Father,” Barack Obama mentioned Davis as, “a friend in Hawaii of his maternal grandfather Stanley Dunham.” As Obama remembered, “it made me smile, thinking back on Frank and his old Black Power, dashiki self.”

Those who believe in nanny-state government can only see things their way, while those who believe in empowering the individual, to raise themselves up, appreciate how Trump works. We also totally understand what he’s trying to accomplish.

Washington, D.C.’s liberal establishment is dug in deep. Their puppet media propaganda outlets work in a progressive bubble. Deals are made that have nothing to do with solving a problem. Instead, beltway insiders scheme to insure that the problems they manufacture never end. The term “political theater” is often used.

Appearances are carefully orchestrated for the camera. Strategy and language are altered based on polling — which is often equally worthless. Remember how all the pollsters were predicting a landslide for Hillary Clinton? That’s what happens when you only ask the ones who will tell you what you want to hear. He who frames the question gets the answer they want, regardless of reality.

President Donald Trump doesn’t care about all that, and refuses to play the game. Progressives are furious. After less than two years in office, Trump has shredded what they have spent decades building. Not only that, he is making everyone take a good hard look at all the progressive hot button issues, and pointing out the flaws in their logic.

Like the way that progressive run cities are piled with filth, and veterans are camping on the sidewalks, while criminal illegal aliens are given sanctuary and public benefits. Somehow, it doesn’t add up to the people who are footing the bill, no matter how liberal they are.

Trump completely blows the Washington establishment apart. Conservative Americans overwhelmingly came together to hand Donald Trump a clear mandate. “Nuke that bubble.” Break apart the New World Order and the Deep State corruption. Chop big government down with an ax, the way George Washington did with the cherry tree. That’s the way he would have wanted it. The founding fathers distrusted government, considering it a necessary evil. Everything they crafted was designed to limit what government can do.

President Trump unabashedly proclaims conservative beliefs. Love of God, life, and country are three huge basic beliefs that cover much of conservatism. Slashing taxes and regulations on companies so they can afford to invest, grow and hire is another.

What really terrifies the socialists is that some of their base are starting to get the message. The ones who still believe are frustrated. They can’t understand why they aren’t being heard anymore, so they scream, swear, and attack anyone who believes differently. Liberals behave in some of the oddest ways to get media time and attention.

President Trump is called “racist,” simply because he isn’t a liberal Democrat. They scream that his policies of enforcing the laws and defending the borders discriminate against people of color, when that is a flat lie. The president wants to help ALL Americans, not just the white ones. He strives hard to get government out of the way of ALL Americans so they can find good paying jobs.

White Americans are demonized by the media but it isn’t true that they are as racist as the media portrays. The liberals thrive on widening the divide, so they amplify every incident they can. White Americans don’t deny racism and bigotry. No. It’s part of our history. A lot of things that happened were very wrong and we accept that. Today, we do our best to correct the injustices, so they don’t happen in the future.

Job applicants today are chosen based on strengths, skills, and character. If you’re a good person, you can do the job, you’ve got it, regardless the color of your skin. For anyone to assume in today’s modern society that someone needs an extra advantage to offset the color of their skin, is actually the racist. That assumes the person has less worth from the beginning, and puts that person at a disadvantage even before the start. If liberals really wanted to end racism, they would be publishing the media stories where the system works the way it should — to encourage better behavior — than by highlighting the failures.

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Every day, more liberal lies are being exposed. Al Gore and his cult of “warmers” have been spewing gloom and doom predictions for decades. President Trump came along and showed the world how the numbers don’t add up to that conclusion, after all. What all that global warming panic led to was crippling regulations that ground the global economy to a halt. Every day it looks more and more intentional.

Obama, who liberals think is the greatest president of all time, wanted bigger government. As much as possible. He micromanaged every aspect of American life and killed the economy in the process. “The average annualized growth of the Obama years was actually less than 2%, the worst performance since the Great Depression.”

Conservatives don’t consider Obama to be a vile piece of trash because of the color of his skin. It’s because of the color of his soul. Conservatives were scared his globalist policies would put an end the United States. Meanwhile, conservative ideas, for some strange reason, seem to work every time they’re tried. Allowing the individual to choose his or her own destiny gets results.

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