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On Thursday, New York State passed what tree huggers are calling “one of the nation’s most ambitious” climate change schemes.

If you thought Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s plan to stop cows from farting was bad, New York aims to reduce “greenhouse gas emissions” all the way down to nothing by 2050. It “mandates reducing emissions by 85% from 1990 levels by 2050, and offsetting the remaining 15%, making the state carbon neutral.”

When liberal Governor Andrew Cuomo signs the measure, New York will become the second state to adopt strict green regulations. Jerry Brown issued an executive order last year to make the Golden State “carbon neutral by 2045.”

New York has heavy clout in an election and the state is notoriously blue. Andrew Cuomo wants to cater to all those liberal voters, but he’s really driving people out.

Cuomo has already seen the devastating effects of the taxes he placed on the wealthiest New Yorkers. He loses their income when they leave the state. Only those businesses that can cope with the new law will stay.

Cuomo is convinced that “climate change is the issue of our lifetime.” He told reporters “I want New York to have the most aggressive climate change program in the United States of America.” Dairy farmers are wondering if they will have to strap tanks on their cows, or will they have to buy a fart license?

Conservatives say he’s full of it. Climate change is one of the biggest scams of our lifetime. Wall street bankers sure aren’t worried about it, they still sell 30 year mortgages, even though we’re supposed to have Waterworld by then. People don’t see the connection.

Democrat-led efforts to burden us with environmental policies ran into a brick wall when President Donald Trump pulled us out of the Paris accord. Trump understands the whole idea was nothing but a way to create money out of smog.

The U.S. has cleaned up a heck of a lot since the 1960’s while China has some of the worst air on the planet today. The Paris deal would have allowed China to buy carbon “credits” from cleaner countries and municipalities, allowing them to continue polluting as long as they like.

Recently, Trump’s administration loosened rules on coal-fired power plants, killing the much tougher Obama-era versions. That was a wise move. Cutting back on regulations lets business flourish which brings jobs and the ability to improve our infrastructure.

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