Millennial Meltdown: Pampered Snowflake Can’t Cope With Simple Workplace Reality

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For too many years, progressive common-core education guidelines have de-emphasized the need to arrive at a correct answer, focusing instead on the feelings of the student.

It seems like every day we hear about some young person who can’t tolerate being challenged. They aren’t adult enough to quietly suck it up while at work, either. Such was the case with an unidentified woman who might have been in her late 20’s. The writer spelled “hamster” with a “p” and her boss marked it for correction.

Carol Blymire is a communications and public policy executive who works as a consultant, professor, and writer. While on a visit to a client recently, she happened to overhear a conversation that she simply couldn’t get out of her mind because it was so outrageous, yet also, far too typical. This is the kind of thinking that caused the collapse of a radically designed pedestrian footbridge that killed six in Florida.

At first they spoke quietly, there was no reason for volume, but then they got to the hamster. The writer’s voice crept louder as she became more upset.

“The young woman kept saying, ‘I don’t know why you corrected that because I spell it with the P in it.’ The boss said (calmly), ‘But that’s not how the word is spelled. There is no P in hamster.'”

To the millennial, it was her word against the boss. “But you don’t know that! I learned to spell it with a P in it so that’s how I spell it.” The supervisor stayed calm and offered to look it up in a dictionary. When that didn’t get anywhere, she decided to stop banging her head on the wall. “I know edits can be difficult to go over sometimes, especially when you’re working on new kinds of things as you grow in your career, but it’s a necessary process and makes us all better at what we do.” She didn’t wait for a reply, just went back to her office. Is it a perception thing, the older generation not understanding the younger?

We used to count on this type of behavior ending before the child started school, but not anymore. The parents do nothing to discourage such behavior.

By then, the young woman was so upset, she lost it.  She called her mother and put her on speakerphone for the whole office to hear. Was that done to show “I’m right, the boss is wrong?”

When she sobbed to her mom about her mean boss making her take the P out of hamster, mom called the boss an idiot!

“The mother tells her that her boss is an idiot and she doesn’t have to listen to her and she should go to the boss’ boss to file a complaint about not allowing creativity in her writing.”

Not all conversations are meant for the office. She told mom about her hangover, and the night she had with the boys, in language that was apparently not office appropriate. She’s done this before, colleagues looked at each other and put ear buds in.

Does she have learning challenges, or has she simply never been told no? Is she superwoman, can do no wrong? Others around her are going to have challenges just being near her. She might take offense at the wrong word. You might happen to have an article of clothing that triggers her.

To her boss’s credit, she gently tried to correct the young employee, referring to a dictionary. The novice writer either isn’t using a spell checker, or more likely, told it she prefers to spell the word “hampster.”

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Now we’re at the point where professional writers feel they can spell words however they want. If the trend continues, we won’t even be able to trust street signs any longer.

Critical thinking skills have been abandoned because the last thing that globalist progressives want is a population that questions authority. Now, we’re stuck with the results. As the young people enter the workforce, they are totally unprepared for the real world. The one where facts matter and things are absolute.


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