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Government has a history of not wanting to admit to things. One of those things is that, for the past year or two, the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center in Clarksburg, West Virginia was a deadly place to be.

Ten veterans allegedly were murdered in the same VA hospital and there may have been others. It’s unclear how much the victims’ families were told, but it seems that they are only learning important details now, from news reports.

Officials have a suspect. Center Director Dr. Glenn Snider told West Virginia Democrat lawmaker Joe Manchin, that the “person of interest” is “no longer in contact with patients at their facility.”

It’s reasonable for prosecutors to want to have an air-tight case before they file charges, but now that there have been at least two autopsies that confirm both patients were murdered exactly the same way, the suspect should be taken off the streets. It should be done quickly, before he disappears or takes the same easy way out as Jeffrey Epstein.

George Nelson Shaw Sr., an 81 year old Air Force veteran is the second named victim. As reported by his wife Norma, He went into the hospital with low blood pressure, tiredness, and dehydration in March of 2018. He was soon “up and walking the halls.” Then “his blood sugar crashed.”

The family had an autopsy done and it showed cause of death as “heart failure.” It wasn’t until last month that “federal investigators told Shaw’s family that his death at the VA hospital was suspicious.”

A second autopsy was done in January of this year that found “four injection sites” that “tested positive for insulin, though he had no history of diabetes, nor was he prescribed insulin.”

Earlier this week, the public first learned the whole shocking story, when retired Sergeant Felix McDermott’s family filed a lawsuit.

Both veterans died from the same thing, one or more insulin shots in the abdomen. Neither was diabetic. A claim filed by the family of Mr. McDermott states that nine other patients died from low blood sugar. On top of that, nobody informed the family of the blood sugar drop.

It wasn’t until months after his death when federal authorities contacted them, to tell them their father’s death, about a week after Shaw’s, might not be a result of natural causes. They needed permission to dig up the grave and do an autopsy.

“If the medical examiner’s conclusion is correct, Felix Kirk McDermott was murdered while he was in the care and custody of the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center despite the VAMC being on notice of the previous wrongful injections,” the claim says.

“On notice” means that they were aware while McDermott was still alive that they may have had a killer on their staff.

Tony O’Dell, an attorney for McDermott’s family, told CNN they “actually think this is just a huge system failure” and they “believe, based on some of the calls we’ve been getting… That this stretched all the way back to at least June or July of 2017, which is 10 months before Mr. McDermott died.”

“It’s all very disturbing that people who served our country were being killed either extremely negligently, grossly negligently or intentionally, and nobody has done anything about it.”

Linda Kay Shaw, the daughter of the second named veteran, just wants the killer stopped. “This cannot happen to another family, ever. It’s got to be stopped. Whoever’s accountable needs to be held accountable, and that goes all the way to the top.”

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