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Democrats using their liberal logic never fail to amaze us with their idiocy, take for example Presidential Debate Moderator Steve Scully, who after hearing President Trump calling him a ‘never-Trumper’ on Sean Hannity, immediately contacted ‘Never-Trumper’ Anthony Scaramucci asking for advice.

Yes, you read that right, after being called a ‘Never-Trumper’ Steve Scully contacts ‘Never-Trumper’ and RINO turncoat Anthony Scaramucci to ask if should respond to Donald Trump and tell him he’s not a ‘Never-Trumper’.

As we wrote Democrats making decisions based on what their liberal logic tells them to do, never ceases to amaze with their stupidity.

Adding to his new mental midget status, the reason the world discovered Scully’s stupidity is due to Steve Scully mistakingly tweeting what he thought would be a private message between him and Scaramucci. But instead, the C-SPAN imbecile posted his tweet online.

CSPAN Scully_asked_the_former_White_House_advisor_should_I_respond_to_-a-3_1602242552042

Scully’s tweet quickly drew criticism from Trump supporters who said that the fact that Skully was asking Scaramucci of all people for advice should immediately disqualify him from being the moderator.

Scaramucci, who became infamous for at first being a Pro-Trump cheerleader to losing his just 10 days after Scaramucci was appointed White House Communications Director in June 2017.

But just 10 days after Scaramucci started President Trump kick his flamboyant Guinni ass to the curb after ridiculing members of the Trump administration during an interview with The New Yorkers Ryan Lizza.

Worse they hypocritical Scaramucci joined CNN, who he just threatened to sue the news network for falsely connecting him to a $10 billion Russian investment fund. CNN later retracted the story and apologized.

After joining the Clown News Network Scaramucci became a fierce critic of the president who has publicly called on Joe Biden to ‘save the Republican Party’.

As for Scaramucci’s advice to Skully on should, he, or shouldn’t he respond to the President, the Trump turncoat wrote: ‘Ignore. He is having a hard enough time. Some more bad stuff about to go down.’   

Scaramucci response to Steve Scully

Skully Was Already Underfire After Being Named Moderator

As of this moment, Steve Scully doesn’t need to worry about losing his seat as the Second Presidental Debate Moderator due to President Trump yesterday telling the commission where to shove their last-minute decision to have a ‘Virtual debate‘ instead of Trump, and Biden sharing the same stage.

But based on his history, clearly, Steve Scully should never have been chosen based upon his publicly declared dislike of Donald Trump.

As TheTrumpTimes had previously reported there were already calls for Steve Skully, 60, to be disqualified from moderating the second debate.

This was due to the C-SPAN journalist’s obvious bias, having volunteered for the Jimmy Carter campaign in 197. Then working as a media intern for Ted Kennedy in 1979, and also interning in Joe Biden’s Senate office while he was attending college in 1978.

Of course, simply being a liberal-biased new media reporter who hated Donald Trump wouldn’t disqualify you. If that was true, then the ocean of news media moderators the debate commission could have chosen from, would be little more than a puddle.

But the real conservative angst over Skully moderating was based on an opinion piece he had written in 2016, while Donald Trump was a candidate in the GOP primary.

Scully tweeted an opinion piece entitled No, Not Trump, Not Ever, which called him an ‘affront to basic standards of honesty, virtue, and citizenship’.

Steve Scully never trump


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