President Trump Roasts Comrade Bernie And Clueless Joe

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Over the past four years, President Trump has made late-night television sad to watch, because those so-called comedians they call hosts only go out and whine about their TDS, with no actual jokes.

Making it worse for these late-night jokes is the fact that President Trump has better one-liners than they’ve had in years.

At a town hall event last night, Trump roasted Simpleminded Socialist Bernie Sanders and Clueless Joe Biden like a master, marking the first funny thing on TV in almost 4 years.

Fox hosted the town hall with President Trump because CNN and MSNBC never would. At some point, the President was asked who he wanted to face in the general election?

Simpleminded Socialist Bernie Sanders or Clueless Crazy Joe Biden?

Trump, like all good late-night hosts, set-up the audience:

“Okay, I was all set for Bernie because I thought it was going to happen. You know, we get ready for things so mentally I’m all set for Bernie. Communist. I have everything down, he’s a communist,” 

Before delivering President Trump dropped his first punchline of the evening:

“Then this crazy thing happened. Right. On Tuesday which he thought it was Thursday…”

Fact Checking President Trump 

  • Fact Check: TRUE: Joe Biden did say Super Tuesday was Super Thursday
  • Fact Check: TRUE: Joe Biden did say “150 million Americans were killed by gunshots since 2007.”
  • Fact Check: TRUE: Joe Biden did say he was running for the U.S. Senate and even said if you don’t like him, “vote for the other Biden.”
  • Fact Check: TRUE: Joe Biden did say “‘Support me, I’m running for the United States [Senate],’”

And all those Joe Biden Blunders were just from last week!

Well, folks, they don’t call Clueless Joe Biden “The Human Gaffe Machine” for nothing.

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