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Throughout history the great leaders of mankind have all suffered powerful adversity, ridicule, and disbelief. But the one thing they all had in common was commitment and self-belief. Above all, their achievements commanded respect both contemporaneously and historically. This is true of Galileo, Darwin, Cromwell, Churchill, and Jackson- as they were all men of their time.

The infantile aggression against Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, has surpassed all that has been suffered by his predecessors. His resolve has had to be much stronger than anyone. In the words of the great Winston Churchill- “Only a superior person can withstand being made inferior.” And this is so true of President Trump!

President Trump has withstood the increasingly unconstitutional attacks from the liberals that have descended into the most absolute childish behavior ever seen. Their opposition to his presidency has degraded to teenage schoolyard level. Having no substantial policies from the outset, they resorted to Saul Alinsky-style personal defamation tactics. Having had to contrive all their false accusations, they began to run out of ideas; hence having to resort to schoolyard insults. But as history shows, the aggressors’ actions always discredit them. And this is currently what we are witnessing as the greatness of their victim comes to the fore.

It is no coincidence that the US economy has been improving, and prior to the riots, law and order is showing signs of recovery since the last administration. Above all, foreign affairs are reaching historic levels with the North Korean leader meeting with the South Korean president following a visit to the North by Trump’s Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo. President Trump’s tough approach to the hermit nation, together with pressure on China has produced results. South Korea openly says this situation is due to Trump’s efforts.True to history, those who’ve been ridiculing Trump for the past three years, including the mainstream media, are now appearing the fools they are. President Donald J Trump is a most definitely a man of his time. No other POTUS in history has accomplished as much as Trump during their first term as President either.
And THAT my friends is why the left is out to get him….

Patriots- It’s up to US now! In order to ensure President Trump wins again this November, please get out and vote!! Let’s make history with a Landslide victory!

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