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As we reported last week New Yorker’s knew how imbecilic their doofus leader has been during the Coronavirus crisis when NYC’s Mayor Bill de Blasio’s said: “Thank God For [NY Gov.] Cuomo”

A pregnant teacher who was hospitalized for COVID-19 says the city refused to close her Brooklyn school — even after she turned over positive lab results — while five colleagues also fell ill from the virus.

Frightened for her unborn child, Raquel Iacurto, 32, begged school officials to shut PS 199 Frederick Wachtel in Midwood and warn others about possible contamination, but she only hit roadblocks.

“I had a lab report and a letter from my doctor. It still wasn’t good enough,” the fourth-grade special-ed teacher told The Post.

Despite her pleas, the city Department of Education and mayor de Blasio did not close the school on March 17 — 19 when the entire faculty was mandated to report for training on remote learning. What’s more, students and their parents flooded into PS 199 classrooms on March 19 to pick up books, iPads and laptops.

“All of my kids came in to get their stuff. They pretty much emptied their desks,” Iacurto, who was home sick, said she heard from colleagues.

It takes two to 14 days for symptoms to appear after a person is infected with COVID-19, and the virus can be transmitted in that time, experts say.

The five other staffers who tested positive include Andrew Rosenberg, 43, the union chapter leader, who also pushed for the school’s closure.

NYC’s Moronic Mayor Bill de Blasio

Faulting Mayor de Blasio and schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, Rosenberg charged, “Their complete negligence should be investigated. They insisted on keeping the schools open without acknowledging confirmed cases, and knowingly put tens of thousands of people at risk.”

City Councilman Mark Treyger, the education committee chairman, said he is equally furious.

“They never shut the school down. They told staff to report to a building they knew had a confirmed case of the virus. They put lives on the line, and that is outrageous.”

DOE spokeswoman Miranda Barbot said a teacher’s “self-reported” lab result was insufficient. The school had to wait for official confirmation from the city health department.

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New York Gov Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio
NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio’s Staff Rips His Handling Of Coronavirus: ‘Thank God for Cuomo’


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