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France under attack: Muslim Jihadist murders three worshippers – including two who were beheaded – INSIDE Nice church + Gunman screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ is shot dead by cops in Avignon + French consulate worker is stabbed in Saudi Arabia

France has been struck by two terror attacks within hours of each other as three people were killed – two of them beheaded – in an attack in Nice before a gunman was shot dead by police in Avignon.

The first attack began around 9 am at the Notre Dame cathedral in Nice where a knifeman beheaded an elderly female parishioner. A second woman, who had managed to take refuge in a nearby café, lost her life there, her body stabbed several times. The attack also left several injured.

Two hours later, a gunman threatened people on the streets of Avignon – 120 miles from Nice – while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ before he was fatally shot by police.

Elsewhere, a security guard at the French consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was stabbed and wounded.

The attacks come amid fury across the Islamic world at President Macron for defending satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed and on the day that Sunni Muslims mark the Prophet’s birthday.

It also comes less than two weeks after a schoolteacher, Samuel Paty, was beheaded north of Paris for showing cartoons of the Prophet to his class in a lesson on free speech.

In the Nice attack, the elderly female victim was attacked after coming there early to pray and was found ‘almost beheaded’ close to the church font. A churchwarden was then attacked and also beheaded.

A third woman was stabbed ‘multiple times’ and managed to flee to a bar across the street, where she died. A local called police, who arrived at 9.10 am and stormed the cathedral, shooting and arresting the attacker.

France under attack

The terrorist the police shot was a man in his 20s who gave his name as Brahim while being arrested, Le Figaro reported. His identity is being checked by police.

Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said the attacker ‘kept shouting Allahu Akbar even after being medicated’, and that ‘the meaning of his gesture is not in doubt’.

Enough is enough,‘ he said. ‘It’s time now for France to exonerate itself from the laws of peace in order to definitively wipe out Islamo-fascism from our territory.’

Estrosi said the victims had been killed in a ‘horrible way’. ‘The methods match, without doubt, those used against the brave teacher in Conflans Sainte Honorine, Samuel Paty,’ he said.

He also called for churches around France to be given extra protection or closed as a precaution.

In Avignon, a man armed with a handgun began threatening people in the Montfavet around 11.15 am, with police rushing to the scene. The man then threatened the officers, who opened fire and killed him, France1 reported.

The Nice attack happened less than half a mile from where another attacker plowed a truck into a Bastille Day crowd in 2016, killing dozens.

‘Allahu Akbar’

Because it worked out so well last time, social media morons will dust off their old ‘Pray For France’ memes, while not condemning the very reason that drives these ‘Allahu Akbar’ jihadists to murder.

Of course, we should pray for the victims. But until the Muslim community acknowledges and condemns these jihadists and their warped beliefs.

The slaughter of innocent men, women, and children will never end.


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