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by Cherylynn Cosner:

Donald Trump likes women, but that does not mean he lives in a bubble.  Even as a billionaire he must still walk the same planet we do with the indigenious people of Earth.  How would he know the woman he was talking to was a man hater?  However, Stephanie Clifford has a hidden past of violence against men that the Deep State Media (DSM) forgot to mention.  In her world a “blow job” might mean your car will be made into little pieces while your dog is being taken out for a wiz.  So Donald is not a crystal ball reader, most men would never suspect the level of deviousness of this sex pot.

As nice as the fantasy might be of pouncing your face into her massive breasts that make up 95% of her claim to fame, you would snap out of the trance pretty quick once she  “threw a potted plant at the kitchen sink,” hit Mosny on the head several times and “threw their wedding album onto the floor and knocked candles off coffee table, breaking them.”

Mosny was Porney Daniels ex-husband.  He did not see that coming either when her married the XXX Starlette. Perhaps potted plants becoming airborne is a small price to pay for an encounter with the sweaty woman on the bottom of the pile in your favorite midnight thriller.  It is when cars start blowing up you want to sit up and look behind your back!  Oh my, did DSM leave that part out too?  Hum. . .Daniels was arrested in 2009 on a domestic violence battery charge after she allegedly hit her husband at their home in Tampa, Fla., during a dispute about laundry and unpaid bills. Her arrest came two days after her political adviser in Louisiana, Brian Welsh, said his parked 1996 Audi may have been blown up by someone on July 23 outside his apartment in an upscale downtown area of New Orleans.

“Clearly, if someone tried to blow up my car, it’s cause for concern; it’s not cause for me to stop doing my job, stop me from talking about the things that are important,” Welsh said. “If anybody had been walking by when that car blew up, they would have been seriously injured or killed.”

Welsh, a Democratic adviser and manager of the Stormy Daniels Senate Exploratory Committee LLC., said his Audi convertible exploded into flames around 11:15 p.m. July 23, a Thursday, while he and his wife were walking their dog nearby.  Why you might ask would a Democratic advisor be managing a sex worker?  Because she was running for office!  No, I am NOT making that up!!  In 2009 she hired Mr. Welsh for the launch of her political career. Although her American Dream was sky high, her campaign strategy was to weak to carry it thru.  She explained her logic as  “I have never said that I’m the best person for the job. I absolutely am not,” Daniels told a local TV station at the time. “I just think I’m a better choice than the senator they already have.”  She must have been watching too many Jane Fonda flicks.  At least they both work in the film business, kind of.

Ms. Clifford was not going to let the past drag her down.  The rising star managed to hook Trump into an evening of socializing which has become the missing link to the Russian Probe.  Before you say what link, keep in mind that when there is nothing in the witch hunt except spear chucking, it is a free for all, so why not play out a porn star drama?  It seemed to work as they go on and on as if there is smoke there must be fire.

Not everyone is so amused by the flashy Trump basher.  In fact, even the big untouchables are getting scrutinized now.

Media, Deep State Frantic As DOJ Responds To Trump Investigation Demand

What part did Ms. Clifford play in acquiring classified documents that have been leaked by her latest counsel? Was she a temp secretary assisting with filing or did she just buy the documents with all of her money she has made on her interviews of how she cries is a poor helpless woman who screwed a married man with a new born baby? The heat is getting hot now that:

Looks like the latest revelation by the lawyer for Porny Daniels has caught the attention of the Inspector General for the Treasury Department…The Treasury Department’s inspector general is investigating how Stormy Daniels’s lawyer Michael Avenatti obtained confidential banking records concerning a company controlled by President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen The inspector general’s counsel, Rich Delmar, said that the office is looking into allegations that Suspicious Activity Reports filed about Cohen’s banking transactions were “improperly disseminated,” according to the Post.

How she managed to break the attorney-client privilege to break into the presidents attorney’s office to find out more about her situation over a decade ago was totally mind boggling, but spying or leaking from the break in, is that going to be a “Deal Breaker” or will she get away with that too?  Other women playing politics have gotten away with worse.  Take the Clinton Body Count: 101, for example.

The same democrats that embrace Margaret Sanger and MS-13 introduced America to the Louisiana Man Beater.  Are we shocked, really?  Madonna wanted to blow up the White House and they backed her up too.  Nothing has changed.  Same old song with a few new words.  No wonder they want fluoride in the drinking water to make people so stupid in hopes they won’t be able to remember the lame games of politics being shoved in their faces on a regular basis.

Let’s hope that Lady Justice peeks through her blinders to see the filth polluting our government and help us drain the swamp of not just the swamp creatures, but that she will skim the slim off the top were low life dabblers like Stormy Daniels get their feet wet fishing for a few extra bucks!

The trick seems not so much what is said or done, but by who.  Not quite a double standard because there is also a third and fourth standard depending on how deep you dive into the swamp.  Imagine if this image was of Donald Trump, Jr. instead of Prince Harry.  There would be people screaming in the streets!

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