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Polls or Polarizers?

By- Lorraine McQueeney


I don’t know about any of you, but I’m getting tired of hearing about polls supposedly showing that Donald Trump is “losing ground” while he’s racking up the delegates! “Losing ground among Republicans,” “losing ground among women”, etc.  I’d like to know who these people are who are being polled, because I know who isn’t being polled! We aren’t! This household of three generations of Conservative voters has been listed in the phone book for fifty years, but no one has polled us. Not once!

I live in an affluent, Northern New Jersey County right outside of New York City, which historically votes Republican. The only person I’ve talked to who isn’t, or should I say wasn’t supporting Trump is my Dad, who was supporting Cruz as the most “Conservative,” most “Christian” candidate until recently, after realizing that he is lying, and reading an article in a Catholic publication favorable to Trump. Now I can safely say that Republicans, Democrats, Independents and “undecideds” I’ve talked to, and I’ve talked to as many as I can, are ALL supporting Trump!

A County Republican organization here in Northern New Jersey recently sent out a flier to registered Republicans, saying “We Cruz, We Lose!” Isn’t THAT the truth?! Cruz made a HUGE mistake dissing New York, because not only will this cost him in New York, it will also cost him here, where a lot of us are native New Yorkers! Trump will do very well in New Jersey, across all demographics, including women.

I’m a middle aged, pro-life Catholic Conservative woman with an advanced education who supports Trump, and I’m not alone! Admittedly, I don’t socialize with pro-choice liberal women, but my female friends who are nowhere near as conservative as I am, ALL support Trump! My 91 year old mother who votes supports Trump. My middle-aged sister supports Trump. My closest female friend supports Trump, as do my other female peers I’ve talked to!

This begs the question: “where are all of these women who are allegedly against Trump?” Are these the same females that would support Hillary Clinton come HELL or high water? My sister has a friend in the uber-Liberal Bay Area of California with an eighteen year old daughter, who will be voting for the first time in November. Who is SHE supporting? Donald Trump of course, and she is not alone. Her peers in the private school she attends, all first time voters in November, are supporting Trump!

So, about the POLLS that claim that Hillary will beat Donald Trump in the General Election… It’s becoming perfectly clear that many of these pollsters and their polls are little more than “polarizers,” deliberately looking to mislead the American people in order to undermine Mr. Trump. Look what happened to Rubio when he went after Trump. Look what happened when Mitt Romney tried to polarize the Republicans against Trump!!

Can you say “Epic fail?” I thought you could!  Hillary’s candidacy against Trump will be an Epic fail in November. That is, if she’s not indicted first.




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