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Leave it to Politico to once again claim the demise of President Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ base because of Russia, Budget Increases, Trump Tax Cuts, U.S. Deficit, Border Wall, Ukraine, and now Coronavirus.

Politico Wrote:

The president’s red-capped followers were united against a socialist candidate. And they had economic winds at their backs to propel Trump toward reelection. Now everything is suddenly scrambled.

Just two weeks after President Donald Trump rallied conservatives to focus on the threat of socialism, his followers are splitting over the coronavirus pandemic.

On one side are those like Bill Mitchell, who dismiss it as nothing worse than the flu, and the drive to eradicate it as “climate change 2.0” — as in, a media-lefty mass hysteria.

On the other side are pro-Trump fixtures like Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller, who have been sounding alarms on the coronavirus since January, and are calling for harsher lockdowns and social distancing.

While the MAGA movement is divided over how seriously to take the coronavirus threat or how to tackle it, the message among his supporters is increasingly unanimous: If Trump fails to control the virus, prevent its spread and prove his leadership, much less save the economy, he will lose the election and cripple his movement.

OK, let’s unpack Politico’s idiocy.

First off how is the examples they’ve given a serious divide?

Bill Mitchell, who dismissing Coronavirus as nothing worse than the flu, and the drive to eradicate it as “climate change 2.0”

While I myself wouldn’t have called it “nothing worse than the flu” the truth remains that on average the every year the common everyday flu kills 36,000 Americans, while the Coronavirus has so far accounted for a little over 50.

But Mitchell is pretty much spot on with his assessment of the lefts fearmonger the Coronavirus in hopes of tarnishing President Trump.

And every MAGA loving American would absolutely 100% agree.

In fact we just reported an example of how leftist lunatics such as Dr. Kashif N Chaudhry, who is now gaining a lot of publicity over his claim that Italy and the United States are on the same Coronavirus cases trajectory due to President Trump’s incompetence.

He even included his superimposed graph to prove his conclusion that America is headed on a healthcare spiral downward unlike anything our nation has ever faced.


While this Democratic dimwit showed that after the first few weeks Italy and the U.S. had the same number of Coronavirus cases, he simply ignored the fact that America has 330 million people while Italy only has 60 million.

We also have the leftist Trump-Hating media such as CNN continuing to claim that President Trump called the Coronavirus a hoax. 

Even though it has been debunked by even the most Trump-Hating fact-checkers, like the AP, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

In fact, the amount of Fake News Fearmongering over the coronavirus has only made MAGA loving Americans EVEN MORE supportive of President Trump, not less like Politico claims.

As far as Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller sounding the alarm, that also has helped galvanized the MAGA and KAG supporters of the President.

When President Trump imposed a travel ban on China while Coronavirus was no where near a pandemic, The same Democrats and their Mainstream media cohorts who now claim President Trump didn’t act quickly enough.

Called him a racist, xenophobe when he first imposed the China Travel Ban, 7 days after Jason Miller sounded the Coronavirus alarm.

Chuck Schumer Coronavirus Trump tweet

Oh and then there were these Democratic Dimwits

More Politico Trump Hate Stupidity

The mounting health and economic risks from the coronavirus outbreak present a monumental political challenge for a group vowing to make America great again. With just less than eight months before a presidential election, Trump’s followers face the prospect that their core message — about deconstructing the “deep state” of government workers and transforming the nation’s power structure to serve everyday Americans — could collapse in a crisis environment.

Once again Politico can’t see past their own Trump Deranged idiocy.

If anything Coronavirus has proven President Trump was 100% correct when in 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump was running on the message that America must end the leftist global world order fantasy, and bring American manufacturing jobs back home to the USA.

In case Politico had forgotten that message of “America First” actually helped set the MAGA movement in motion.

And the more China threatens to refuse to give up the ingredients American companies are producing in China that would be needed to develop a Coronavirus cure, the more MAGA advocates are backing President Trump, not abandoning him.

As far as the deep state, once again Coronavirus has exposed just how Trump-Deranged they’ve become.

Coronavirus Congressional trump haters like Adam Schiff continue to spew their idiocy about OUR President.

Worse, the deep-state continues to direct the mainstream media’s insane Trump-Hate tunnel-vision reporting.

MRC Newsbusters conducted a study that showed while that while people worldwide are dying of Coronavirus, CNN spent an astounding 86% of their newscast lambasting President Trump, instead of actually reporting on the Coronavirus pandemic.

And watching moronic mental midgets such as CNN host, Don Lemon throwing a hissy fit because his guest won’t get with the Trump-Hate program it only strengthens our resolve to back President Trump in 2020.

If You Want To Read Politico’s Complete idiocy Click Here

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