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by Robert Massi:

For the first time in American history, that I can recall, politicians are above the law. former President Obama had politicized the Department of Justice, and the IRS. He used the Department as a tool for the Liberals.

He made illegals actions as President, like delaying certain measures in the Affordable Care Act, so they would trigger AFTER his Presidency was over. The DACA Act he enacted, was also illegal. And much more.

Hillary Clinton illegally stored Sensitive Government material on her personal servers. Every person who’s even come close to doing what she did has faced serious jail time. Human Abedin did the same thing by storing politically damaging material on her husbands computer. And she’s still walking around.

The Democrat committee has been found to be undermining our ‘Presidential Election’, by torpedoing The socialist Bernie Sanders….And no one went to jail for that. And yet the media is upset about a Trump-Russia Narrative that’s be proven to be untrue.

Now Mayors all over America have set up Sanctuary Cities. Aiding and Abetting Felons. Standing against the laws of America, not even with passing laws, but just by wielding the power of the local police. What about the police? Just following orders, knowing that they are the hand that does the bidding of the politicians.

There’s not one reporter calling them out for their crimes. There’s no real public outcry. There’s no parties physically throwing these people out of office. There is just acceptance. Now we are finding out there a ‘Secret Society’ of government agents actively trying to undermine the President of the United States.

I bet you they’ll be put on trial when found out. Yet the politicians are not put on trial. They may be publicly shamed by the Senate, but even that goes nowhere.

So what direction is this country going? Why do we have to follow laws if they don’t? The problem is that there are millions in America that are proving that they believe that committing crimes, because they support the crime, makes it perfectly acceptable.

Laws don’t apply to things they don’t agree with. This is a very dangerous path we are moving down. Yes, it’s practically impossible to follow the laws, because there are approximately 40,000 of them. Most people do what they can.

Now you have to wonder, what’s the point?

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