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by Kathy Crest:

A graphics firm known as Nvidia now has the ability to create realistic computer generated images that are indistinguishable from the original photo. This type of manipulation has been used in the past, but photo shopping techniques have never before been quite so realistic.

Nvidia is an American based computer technology company based out of Santa Clara, California. It was originally started in 1993 by three men with a $40,000 investment. The firm has mushroomed today, and is well known in its creations for the video gaming industry, automobile industry, professional visualization, and cryptocurrency. It is now focusing its efforts on artificial intelligence. The firm also has its hands in automated “hands off” driving systems for automobiles.


A recent statement from Nvidia clarified the company’s intentions to focus on artificial intelligence:  “We present high-quality image translation results on various challenging unsupervised image translation tasks, including street scene image translation, animal image translation, and face image translation. We also apply the proposed framework to domain adaptation and achieve state-of-the-art performance on benchmark datasets.”

Many suggest we should be aware of the ramifications of these types of translated images, as they have become so clearly realistic that they could persecute an innocent person of a crime, or impose a political figure into a scene in which he or she was never present, or vice versa.  Kit Daniels of InfoWars writes, “The ramifications of this technology are enormous: the politically persecuted could soon be victims of fabricated ‘video evidence’ presented by the mainstream media as ‘undeniable proof’ of wrong-doing, which will be accepted without question by the general public which takes everything at face value.”

Give the Gift of TRUMP

Jean Baudrillard wrote in his book Simulacra and Simulation, “People lose the ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy. They also begin to engage with the fantasy without realizing what it really is. They seek happiness and fulfillment through the simulacra of reality, e.g. media, and avoid the contact/interaction with the real world.” In other words, we are all too satisfied with what the main stream media portrays to us as truth, and don’t do our due diligence to satisfy what is actual reality.

The powerful elites who have controlled the narrative on so many levels are running scared, as more of us refuse to believe in their fantasies and nefarious agendas. All across the world, citizens are lashing out as they become aware of the truth and realize their leaders are not whom they claim to be. President Trump has opened many eyes, but it was his predecessor who holds the title as the person who started the awakening process. His campaign promises left even Republicans cautiously hopeful, yet the basis of his administration was built on lies and deceit. It didn’t take long for common sense American to realize they had been duped, and longing for “real” change.


This type of technology is dangerous, and we can only imagine those who comprise the deep state are wringing their fingers in anticipation of using the applications to bring down those such as Trump who test their ability to remain in power. The techniques they have used for centuries on end, no longer see the positive results they are accustomed to. The race card, the war on women, the accusations of sexual misconduct against an opponent, the use of identity politics, are all falling on deaf ears, as Americans become more aware than ever, that this is truly an effort to bring on the New World Order. The double standards in politics are so obvious, and even more so is the fact that our political figures have no set of laws that they must abide by. The justice department is corrupt, and the FBI and CIA is headed by mafia style figures. We can only pray that President Trump can get to the bottom of this corruption, and take this country back to the constitutional Republic it once was.


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