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by Daveda Gruber:

Why is is it necessary to display so much hate? Have Democrats lost all respect?

After posting a photo of Ivanka Trump, an Iowa salon received major social media backlash this week.

Ivanka Trump visited the store to get her hair styled before an event.

On Monday Salon Spa W, in Des Moines’ East Village, posted a picture on its Facebook page of the first daughter. She was in town to tour Waukee school district’s Aspiring Professional Experience program (APEX), with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

In response:We believe everyone matters and deserves our indiscriminate care and kindness.We were taken aback by the…

Posted by Salon Spa W on Monday, March 19, 2018

Reynolds is standing next to Trump in the photograph.

The salon wrote in a caption, “Our Monday kicked off with styling Ivanka Trump for her visit to Iowa! We [love] supporting women in politics.” The post has been edited since first being posted.

The salon showed excitement but hundreds of followers blasted the business for styling the White House adviser and threatened to never return.

Some people even said the photo was “f—ing gross” and vowed to unfollow the page.

One woman wrote, “I agree with previous posters…this is NOTHING to be proud of.”

Another Facebook user commented, “Will never book an appointment at this salon again. Total bum out. This salon employs hetero/non-hetero individuals and this just truly sucks. The fact that Salon Spa W was inclusive was always a big A + to me. You put your money where your mouth is as your vote. I loved this salon. I’m so, so disappointed and I can’t imagine how your non-cisgender employees/clients feel. Fail. Won’t ever be back.”

“You will never get my business based on this one post,” a woman wrote. Dozens of “thumbs up” and “heart” reactions from users were given to the disrespectful comments.

Some of the clients said the salon “should know better” than to serve Trump. Others said they lost all respect for the employees.

Several people did come to the salon’s defense, I know, I was one of them.

China Wong, the president of Salon Spa W, released a separate statement.

On Tuesday the statement defended Wong’s choice to style Trump. Wong said salon employees were “taken aback” by the negative response.

Wong wrote in the statement. “We believe everyone matters and deserves our indiscriminate care and kindness. We were taken aback by the response to the image below of our Governor with Ivanka Trump who received services from our salon. We also recognize impact matters more than intent. While we are not a partisan organization we do see it as part of our mission to welcome people to Des Moines and serve everyone. We share images of our clients, some that are recognizable public figures, to showcase our work.”

Wong also said her business has served prominent musicians, actors, Broadway stars and politicians, including former President Barack Obama, in years past.

The salon is near the State Capitol and Civic Center.

Wong finished by stating, “We also serve you –– our beautiful, diverse and passionate community. We proudly share our work and celebrate all of you because our purpose is making people look and feel beautiful. Again, we believe everyone matters and deserves our indiscriminate care and kindness.”

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